An Addendum-Top Scents: Revisited

All this thinking about fragrances has got me wanting to break them down into my top faves and not-so-faves. It involves reaching Deep into my personal store-house of memory, a dense, thick, dusty library of filed moments and micromoments. Broad, sweeping compositions that span seasons, others whispers that come and go in an instant. But they're all there: stacked and cataloged and waiting to be anazlyed.
So, here's a feeble attempt, not in any particular order:
Favorite smells:
1. Ciara- must mention again the magic of not really prestige scents transforming when mingly with one's own unique skin into something extraordinary.
2. Noel: A home scent from Crabtree and Evelyn: it defines Christmas for me. In high school when I was depressed about being there I'd put a few drops on a cotton ball and literally take it with me, smelling it when I was in need of something comforting: it's all pine forest, incense, cranberry, snow, and fire. It's utterly my Happy.
3. Wood smoke. Heavenly. Consequently, the smell of roasting marshmallows, caramelized and crispy-brown.
4. Coffee.
5. Banana bread, gingerbread, or basically anything baking.
6. My cat Maisy's fur, slightly wet after she's been bathing. Odd, but no more so than people saying babies' heads smell of milk and roses.
7. Moonflowers, which I've been known to actually watch bloom. An exercise in patience and rewarded with utter wonder at nature, watching this life-form we almost see as an inanimate object move of its own accord. As they open, they release this splendid fragrance like a warm summer night, but again, words fail.
8. Walking into an Indian restaurant and into a cloud of curry. Breathe deep and your palate is cleansed by the pungent spicy sweetness.
9. I've said before, earth after rain, before rain, during rain. Rain in all forms, but especially during the spring and summer. Primal and unabashedly alive.
10. Apple cider
11. The Clash t-shirt that my boyfriend left at my house when we first started going out.
12. Antique stores. I went to Waynesville last week-this pretty much retiree-paradise of the good old days. I love the smells of dried flowers and brittle dusty book pages, secret hidden corners and ancient wood.
13. Similarly, the Primitive (or Prim) stores like they have in Waynesville or like the Olde Farmsteade at the Mall. Warm, snuggly blanket scents of pumpkin and evergreen. Shelves lined with candles shaped like cinnamon buns- Apple butter and various jams and jellies -saltbox houses and barn stars: I LOVE these things. Odd for someone my age, I guess, but oh well.
14. The vacation I spent in Gatlinburg TN. Stayed in a chalet in the mountains for my cousin's wedding. It was thanksgiving and the cabin was all warm wood, cranberry and pine colors-the mountain air, the trees-totally soul-soothing.
15. Church incense-it smells like history, legend, royalty, and guilt. An intimidating fragrance-like it threatens to soak into the walls and tell its tales for eternity, or into your skin and never wash out. All consuming.
16. Walking outside on the first day of school, the air slightly cool with the smell of leaves in the background. I marveled at how the air smelled the same way year after year.
17. Freshly cut grass.
18. The small, old blue suitcase I used on family vacations as a child. Full of the inexplicable, self-appointed "travelin' smell."
And some not-so-faves:
1. The dead dog I passed once on the street. It was hot out and the smell was obscenely sweet and bloated.
2. Brussels Sprouts and Saurkraut-gross.
3. The memory of my grade school cafeteria: A hundred kids, government hamburgers, fruit cups, and milk.
4. The smell of the salon I got my hair done at for a wedding once. I'm amazed the staff hadn't sprouted extra limbs from breathing in the sheer volume of chemicals they were pumping onto our heads. Stifling, sweet, cloying-suffocating.
5. This perfume a woman I know wears. She can be anywhere in the vincinity and I know it's her. Her scent literally precedes her. It's loud, an assault on the senses: a single screeching note of cheap baby powder -I wish I knew what it was so I could find out if it's really that smell or the way it works with her. Very nice lady, very bad smell.
6. A cat treat we used to get when I was young. It was this doughy, vomity, fishy, unbelievably revolting smell.
7. The water fountain in my grade shcool's gym. So rusty it smelled like drinking blood.
That's all for now. I need to go sniff some coffee beans to clear my sinuses. Ha.

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