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I'm going to start my first official blog post, after all that introduction nonsense, with a little First Impressions makeup review. It's good practice, and something I enjoy. I am indeed a fairly serious person (at times) and this is one of my more whimsical, light-hearted interests. Sometimes it feels like I'm cheating though, and am about to be kicked out of the admirers of The Beauty Myth club. But there must be room for me in both hemispheres, mustn't there be? Anyway, here 'tis:

Ah, the world is overrun with chaos and stupidity and really bad legislation, whatever shall I do? Oh yes, I shall write a gleefully, blissfully escapist makeup review! So....yesterday I got my first order from Fyrinnae, an online indie makeup company,, and thought I’d share my first impressions. I’ve been using Beauty from the Earth almost exclusively since October, and have found their products and customer service to be the best I’ve ever encountered. I will never buy Bare Escentuals again after using BFTE’s mineral foundation. But out in the makeup blogosphere I’d been hearing good things about Fyrinnae, specifically their Pixie Epoxy. This miracle substance is not quite an eye shadow primer but rather a sort of glue that keeps really sparkle-laden colors adhered and makes the colors generally more vibrant. A lot of my BFTE colors are very sparkly/glittery and I wanted to see if the Pixie Epoxy could do things my Too Faced Shadow Insurance couldn’t.

So while I was at it I decided to order a few of their color products to see what all the hubbub was about. Now, one of the more confusing things about Fyrinnae is the sporadic nature of their website availability. This small company is based in Washington, and rather than get overwhelmed by orders to the detriment of customer service and quality control, the owner will periodically close the website in order to catch up.  This can be frustrating if you are hell bent on making an order, but the wait is quite worth it. The site was down a few times when I was lurking about initially, and it was a bit disconcerting for a first timer, but luckily it was up when I was finally ready to make an order.
   And actually, I’m sort of reassured by the periodic closings. I would rather wait a little longer and know that what I ordered is going to be awesome, if the alternative would be for the company to charge ahead despite practical limitations or make promises they don’t or can’t keep, or offer potentially dangerous products(*cough* Glittersniffer *cough*). Fyrinnae seems focused on providing a unique product at a great price. For me, their colors are different from anything else on the market, at least any I’ve tried. These colors are complex, multi-faceted and at times actually change color. These are no repackaged TKB micas a la Lime Crime, which may be perfectly nice if it weren’t for the horrendous price mark-up and blatant deception as to their origins. BFTE offers some repackaged micas, meaning, colors they don’t custom blend themselves, but they are forthcoming about it and label those colors as such, so you know what you’re buying. I haven’t used either Glittersniffer or Lime Crime so I cannot review their products, but I’ve researched a bit of the controversy surrounding them. If you’re interested in such things, just Google them and you will find that it is most likely for the best that I haven’t tried them. It’s at best fascinating and at worst deeply disturbing.

Moving past the interwebs makeup drama and into my actual observations, Fyrinnae is deliciously geeky; with fantasy and sci-fi overtones. This is makeup for the Lord of the Rings sect, and I think that’s just marvelous. They are also super cheap, with samples only 2 dollars or less. So I ordered 5 eye shadow samples, a full sized Pixie Epoxy (only $7.00), and a highlighter sample that was $1.50. They clearly tell you what the turnaround time is, which, after the super fast shipping I’m accustomed to with BFTE, seems quite long. However, they always say it will be longer than it typically is. I believe at the time I ordered (February 17th) the turnaround time was 22-26 business days. But my order was shipped on the 26th and I got it the 28th, so I was quite happy about that. The packages are well wrapped in bubble mailers, wrapped in cardboard, and then in tissue paper. While I don’t have any customer service experience with them to speak of, no actual correspondence, they do provide generous free samples. I’ve read that they look at your order history and choose samples in the same or complementary color/style, and I was thrilled to find that the one color I was most eager to try on my next order (provided the first one went well), Boy Toy, was the exact color they included as my free sample. That suggests some intuitiveness and care on their part.

The sample sizes I purchased are also HUGE. The Arcane Magic collection samples (brilliant color shifting colors) are ¼ teaspoon for $2.00. The others are 1/3 teaspoon for $2.00. This doesn’t sound like much, but for pigments as concentrated as these, they will last. And I seriously haven’t run out of a single sample size BFTE pigment I’ve been purchasing since last fall, and they are a bit smaller than Fyrinnae’s. And these colors really must be seen to be believed. The photographs just can’t capture the color shifts properly. Color shifting, meaning, not merely duo chrome, in which the color changes when applied to a dark base, but literally changing color with position and light.

I can hold up the jar of Dark Fantasy up high and the color is an earthy metallic brown, and then bring it down low, and it changes to a sparkling moss green. Conjuror changes from a shimmering rusty red to a mauve-y purple with blue/green sheen and Dragon Magic from a dark teal blue to a dark green. This description doesn’t really cover it though, they aren’t “simply” blue or red or green. They are so full of sparkles and multi-colored shimmers it is like some sort of magic fairy dust or something a dwarf would dig up in the mines of Moria: infinitely squee-worthy for a rainbow lover such as myself. Pumpkinfire is a very autumnal gold and orange sparkle on a black base, and Immortality is just an incredible rainbow of glitter on a blackish/purple base. All of those loose sparkles are where the Pixie Epoxy comes in; you really do need it to get them to stick, to get the full color pay-off.  I haven’t tried wearing the colors yet, but I think it will take some practice. They aren’t your average eye shadows. These are clearly colors that need to be patted, no swiped or rubbed on. Working the colors on too much will degrade them, and you’ll lose the effect. I’m not sure if using the Pixie Epoxy will make them harder to blend, but we shall see. It did make the shadows stick when I did the swatches. I did try the highlighter, Confidence, today, and I am very impressed. It’s extremely subtle, but it creates an ethereal glow similar to Benefit’s Moon Beam or High Beam, only in powder form, and much more cheaply.

So, my first impression is: I will definitely be buying again. I am very pleased with what I received, and the couple of quirks with the company’s website aren’t serious enough to turn me off thus far. I think I need to order some of the lighter, more basic colors because, helpless and squee-ing when faced with all the dark, super-sparkly shades, I might have overestimated exactly how sparkly a library worker can reasonably go during the week. I of course will keep buying from BFTE for their excellent personal customer service (once I even received a phone call from the owner, Crystal, in regards to a question I had), the great selection, ease of blending, quality and fun online community. But Fyrinnae has a very distinctive style that sorts of fills in the makeup gaps for me, and I’m eager to try more of their products.

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