Fyrinnae Haul!

Oh man. Ok, remember how I said Fyrinnae was a little tricky to work with, due to all those amazing sparkles that either end up everywhere but on your eyelid, or glued on with no blendability? Well, the new colors I got last Friday just blew all my skepticism out the proverbial window. I chose more smooth shimmer colors, along with a few Arcane Magic colors with extra sparkle. They are abso-frickin-lutely gorgeous. And I must also report now, that I have had some customer service experience with them, that these guys ROCK. I ordered  the full size highlighter Confidence, that mystical formula that is just the perfect pearly pink shade which helps brighten up my winter-weary skin in miraculous ways. But instead of that shade, I got In the Spotlight, which is a lovely pale gold shade that would be great as a browbone highlight, but I don't think works for my pale skin.
So I shoot them an email asking if perhaps anything could be done, and within 10 minutes I get a reply, apologizing for the mixup and promising a quick shipment of the correct shade and an extra. Now, I hardly expected that. I wasn't upset, didn't need any extras. I understood they are super short staffed and swamped. I'm not sure WHAT I expected, perhaps to send them a picture to prove that I had gotten the wrong shade, maybe to have it included in my next order, whatever. But I never expected to get the replacement, after sending the email Friday night, today, Monday! And, included was a very generous sample of Bewitching, a lilac-y mauve blush that I didn't expect to work on me, but actually looks pretty nice. This brand is all about surprises! The site is still a challenge, and has been down more frequently than up lately, but I can deal with that given the quality of what I've received. Behold, my haul!

Valhalla was my free sample! Haven't worn it yet but it is a simple, pretty dark lilac

There's not a single color from this order that I don't love. Now that I have some smoother colors, I can mix those with that sparkly ones and make some blendable looks that I like. Like, today for instance, I did this look with Jade Ghost (this luminous, refreshingly minty green), BFTE's Cool Mist, Polar Bear, and Vodka. This picture was taken after a full day of work, 12 hours after application. This shows you how well it holds up after using Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Pixie Epoxy. It is really SO much more colorful than the picture shows, but here's the general idea:

Rapunzel Had Extensions is another highlight for me: A peachy, salmon pink with golden shimmer; it is going to be a very versatile color for me. And Polar Bear is a shimmery taupe in the jar, but applies as a light metallic gold. Vodka looks steely and dark in the jar, but when applied it mellows into a slate sort of green, a perfect darker crease color as a foil to the lighter Jade Ghost. I could go through them all, but they are basically just all stunning. Get them now. If the site is up, get something NOW!

Sorry, Valhalla got cut off

You just can't take me anywhere- Fairie Glamour is really Cupcake Sprinkles

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