LOTD-Autumn Leaves with BFTE

This is one of my favorite looks to do with my BFTE, and found that it was even more vibrant than usual when layered over Pixie Epoxy. It's more of an Autumnal look, but at night it has a nice smokey gold thing going on, which is a nice change from the typical smokey eye.
This is applied over Too Faced Shadow insurance: Autumn is on the lid (Best metallic gold ever! It's a primary pigment you can get from TKB trading if you want a lot, but I'm fine with getting it at BFTE for my purposes.)                                         

 Then I put a tiny bit of Pixie Epoxy over the outer edge of the Autumn into the crease, and patted Gable over it. This allowed the sparkles of Gable to stick, while still allowing me to blend Autumn into the other colors. After this, Vamp is applied, sort of overlapping the edges of Autumn and Gable in the crease, and the intense red/gold sparkle turns into a really pretty rusty orange/gold color that helps give it a nice gradient effect. I lined underneath with Celtic Charms and brushed a tiny bit of Canyon on the browbone to soften the edges, and that's it :)

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