LOTD with Fyrinnae and BFTE

I've been experimenting with my new Fyrinnae goodies and here is the first salvageable look I've come up with. I've found, so far, that Fyrinnae, at least the super sparkly, dark colors I've tried, are a bit difficult to work with. I've found blending a little challenging, as the colors are a composition of sorts, layered and complex, and meant to be patted rather than swept. If you rub or blend the slightest bit, the composition seems to crumble and you're left with a big smeary mess, impossible to mend. The sparkle, color shifting effect is totally lost with excessive manipulation.The patting thing is not a problem if you're going for an intense, bold look, but I prefer faded-out gradients, and I just haven't mastered that with Fyrinnae yet. I think I might have more luck with the lighter, simpler colors. That said, I am just in love with the actual colors and am determined to make them work. I really adore Conjuror, which has a smoother, less "chunky" sparkle. It's more of a shimmer, and makes for an interesting liner.

I did this look with BFTE's Blacklisted on the lid, Fyrinnae's Dark Fantasy in the crease and Conjuror as a liner, and BFTE's Whisper as a highlight. I applied Blacklisted over Pixie Epoxy, and was absolutely amazed at how well the sparkles adhered. I had liked the color before, but hadn't actually seen its full potential until the Pixie Epoxy came along. It came to complete and utter life! Fallout is a bit more abundant with Fyrinnae than I've been used to with BFTE, and if you try to brush it away it tends to smear, so I recommend holding a tissue under your eyelid just in case.

I also highly recommend the highlighter I got a sample of, Confidence. Using it every day and am so impressed with the subtlety and faintest shimmer. It really imparts a glow. I will be buying that in full size without a doubt, as well as some of the lighter colors. It's slow going, but I will master the art of Fyrinnae. Anybody got any tips?

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