April Birchbox

This month I got my first Birchbox, which is similar to a magazine subscription in that you receive it every month in the mail, but Birchbox subscriptions include 4-5 deluxe sized beauty samples of more high-end brands, all tucked into a cute little box. I am a sample junkie, and when I stumbled across this fairly new company, I checked out a few reviews and then signed up.  I reckoned that 10 dollars a month is not too much for me to spend on some samply goodness, especially from brands that I've never heard of, or could honestly never afford full price.

The Birchbox site also allows you to buy full sizes of the samples they include, and also have a points program that you can use towards purchases. I'm not sure right now if I would use it, I feel like if I come across a product I REALLY love, I will look it up on Ebay and buy it at a steeper discount. Unless I got some awesome promotion from them, the products they offer are quite too expensive for me, and for now I am using the service just to enjoy new products, for what they're worth in the moment. The sample sizes are fairly large too, similar to a Sephora 100 points reward, only you don't have to spend 100 dollars before you can get them!
Birchboxes are shipped around the 10th of the month, and I received mine on the 16th. There was a delay because shipping arrangements had to be made for the nail polish that our boxes contained. Oh, and I should also mention: while Birchboxes contain the same core items, some can be different because you can fill out a questionnaire on the site indicating your beauty preferences and concerns, and they tailor the products to that information. The boxes also seem to follow a monthly theme, and this month was all about Eco-friendly products for Earth Day. So, here is what I received:

The product descriptions and full sized prices are all above, so I will just share my thoughts on the items.
Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel:  I've seen this product around and had always wanted to try it, so I was very happy to get it. I used it once and it had a mild tingle to it, but my sensitive skin was not bothered by it. The sample is large enough that I can probably get maybe 3 more uses out of it, and will be able to tell more if it made a difference. The extra from the brand was a small packet of the Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer, which I tried once and it felt like a good basic lotion, with a nice lemon Pledge scent (an acceptable citrus smell according to moi).
LIV GRN Earth:  This perfume did smell sort of earthy, it is a very green scent, and sort of reminded me of green apples. It was a fairly inoffensive scent, but honestly didn't last very long after applying. I just don't think it's my sort of scent. A little too fruity, not quite evil citrus, but I just don't think it did anything for my particular body chemistry. It might smell awesome on someone else though, but it just wasn't a soul-scent match for me. The vial was a bit larger than your typical perfume sample vial, though I would have preferred a spray top.
Weleda Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion:  Used this a few times, it also feels like a nice basic moisturizer with the addition of a really pretty, authentic rose scent. Reminds me of something I'd get from Crabtree and Evelyn. Very English Garden. No spectacular results, but no ill effects either, so the smell alone makes it worth using.
Zoya Nail Polish In Jules: Um, I have a confession to make: I'm a horrendous nervous nail biter, so the inclusion of nail polish is sort of pointless for me. I don't have any nails to speak of to paint. Which is sad because I do like the color, it's a pretty mechanical looking silvery gold. Very Steampunk. (Perhaps why called Jules, as in Verne?) Anyway, until I get my anxiety habits under control, I will have to put this one on the backburner. The box also included a plastic marketing piece from Zoya showing other colors they offer and a small catalog.
Birchbox also includes extra little treats, and this month was a cute seed paper, which apparently can be planted and will grow wildflowers. I think that was a very apt and nice addition for the month. It seems sort of fool-proof, which is good because I tend to kill whatever I attempt to grow. I will give it a shot though!

Will I continue to subscribe to Birchbox? Hell yes! I am also a magazine junkie, and subscribe to quite a few. Most months I may just flip though them, but part of the pleasure in them is the anticipation, the not knowing if this issue will give you a great new insight, a new product to try, a pertinent piece of information that changes everything. Birchbox is like that  to the nth degree. It's just fun. I may not ADORE every product I get and most won't change my life, but it is just fun to change things up and step outside of my comfort zone even on such a tiny scale.

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