Cool Spring Morning LOTD with Fyrinnae

It's just so easy and convenient to slap a nature -oriented description on my LOTDs whether or not they really apply. One of these days I'll have to do a "dark and stormy night" look. Ha. Vix is feeling a little better today. I really think it is this constant rain, as a lot of people I work with seem to be exhibiting the same symptoms. At least it doesn't seem to be bronchitis-related. As it is, I spent most of yesterday breathing through my mouth and feeling like I was underwater, my ears were so stuffed. Couldn't taste or smell anything, which is most unfortunate, since I'm quite the fan of noms in general.

Um. Ok. Onto the LOTD!

I added about half of my face just so you could see the cute little gleamy spot on my cheekbone. That is Nars Illuminator in Copacabana, which I recently got as a sample at Sephora. It is the lightest Illuminator they offered in that line, and it is a very pretty pinky, pearlescent shade. At first I thought it would be a little like my Fyrinnae Confidence just in a cream state, but they're more different than I expected. One, I find the loose powder form more forgiving and subtle and easy to work with than cream, and two, the Nars formula is somewhat disco-ball-esque. It's nice, but more intense silver-gleamy . A little goes a LONG way. So, I still favor Fyrinnae's Confidence, as far as highlighters go.
Here's a swatch of them side by side, applied more heavily than you actually would just so the colors would show up:

Top: Nars Illuminator in Copacabana
Bottom: Fyrinnae Highlighter in Confidence
Anyway, about the LOTD, which is what this particular blog was supposed to be about:

All of the colors here are Fyrinnae. On the inner lid is Electric Stardust and on the outer lid is Futuristic Glamrock, though they seem to be just one color in the picture (typical!). I brought a little bit of the Futuristic Glamrock down onto the lower lashline which gives it a nice frosty blue sparkly effect. Brushed above closer to the browbone is Kitten in Heels, which naturally mixes with those blue/green colors into a purple hue where they meet. But I deepened that by working a little bit of Cupcake Sprinkles into the crease, and also lined the lower lashline with that purple shade. The browbone and inner corner highlight is Equality. And that's all for today!

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  1. This is an EOTD, not a LOTD. ;) Nice color scheme! I think I'll order Confidence. Looks finely milled!

  2. LOL...since I'm not posting full-face looks at this point, I just call my eyes my LOTDs. Yes, I highly recommend Confidence. It gives a very subtle, healthy glow!


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