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Since Vix is sick and not feeling particularly creative, I shall post a review I wrote way back last fall upon getting my first ever order from BFTE. I realized oddly enough that I never posted it here, and I will remedy that right now (Only things that have changed are I've gotten a little better at picture taking and now use Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a primer):

Champagne taste...on a beer can budget. That's what my dad says I have. I wouldn't exactly put much stock in that opinion, since he still brings out his prized pair of 15 year old neon orange high tops  for special occasions, and has a t-shirt that quips "cereal killer"... for him pretty much anything beyond that is unnecessary glitz. So while his observation is fundamentally untrue, anybody who knows me knows I am a bit of beauty product junkie. Even when my well-reasoned side tells me that the majority of what I buy is nothing more than glossy packaging, yummy smells, and fluffy empty promises...it brings me joy, and hey, we've all got our vices. So, while I do indeed like nice stuff, I just don't want to pay dearly for it. I am, at times, a bit cheap.

 One area of my product hunting expeditions that I've never really gotten into is the area of eye makeup, particularly eye shadow. Whatever I'd buy would always fade way too quickly, crease before the end of the day, and seemed more hassle than it was worth.  Not too mention I'd battled horrific skin for most of my young adult life and was more focused on concealing than drawing attention with bright colors. So I kept it neutral and went on with my life. But, prompted by boredom and my recent fascination with baking the ultimate rainbow cake, I stumbled upon XSparkage on Youtube, who does an amazingly vivid rainbow eye using BFTE (Beauty from the Earth) mineral makeup. Oh my. After watching that tutorial the rainbow lover in me was turned from culinary pursuits to checking out this magical multicolored goodness.

If you're into such things, just check it out:  http://bftecosmetics.com/ . They have hundreds of colors, and you can purchase sample jars for $2.00, while full size jars are $6.50. There is also a Color of the Week, which is a full sized product at the sample price.  The samples seem tiny, but this stuff is highly pigmented and concentrated. Used properly, it will last quite a while. The colors are just brilliant, and I've fallen in love with the duo chrome colors. These pigments literally change color when applied to a black base. One, Whisper, changes from a pretty beige to an iridescent blue, and Mermaid changes from yellow-gold to green. I've been using them over L'Oreal's new primer, and haven't had any creasing, even after a full day of work. The colors are still bright at the end of the day. So I just wanted to give this brand my stamp of approval...the pictures attached don't really do the colors justice. Just check them out. Excellent quality, the best I've tried, and very affordable. Doesn't get much better than that.

Top Row: Isis, Dusty Rose, High Maintenance
Middle Row: I Can't Remember (My Bad!), Illusion,  Black
Bottom Row: Mermaid, Whisper, Nebula, Rock Star

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