Fyrinnae Swatches and a LOTD

Today I'm going to share some swatches from my last Fyrinnae haul, which was full of really lovely colors. I am THRILLED I got Futuristic Glamrock, because I still haven't seen it back on the site, and it seems like some others colors have been pulled (temporarily, I'm sure.) These are all swatched over Pixie Epoxy.

I'm loving all of these, though yesterday I wore Lucky Charmed and was quite enamored with it. It applies as an antique metallic gold/green, and there are also little blue/green sparkles in it. Here's the look I did with it:
It's hard to tell in these pictures, but I used Koala and a tiny bit of Sumatran Tiger in the crease, used Shinkirou (a fantastic highlight color, very sheer and glimmery) on the brow bone, and lined with Boy Toy.
Also should mention that this was taken after a FULL day of work, and I think it still looks halfway decent. That Too Faced Shadow Insurance is magic, I'm telling you!

And here are some more swatches:

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 La Noche was my freebie sample, and it makes a beautiful midnight blue liner. Equality is described by the site as having a sort of holographic effect, and I can see that. It is very
 multi-dimensional and sparkly, and also works well as a highlighter.
And finally, a few close ups of some of the colors:

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