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I thought I would start a series of entries on skincare/makeup/hair/whatever items I am currently using and loving at a given time. Some may be "Holy Grail" items, to quote Phyrra , others may just be items I have a passing love affair with. You are unlikely to see any super expensive/prestige items here, because truthfully, I am on a tight budget and cannot be dropping 20 bucks for a lipstick or whatever. I've never used anything from MAC (gasp! horror! I know, I know) and buy a lot of my favorite products on Ebay just to avoid paying full price.

Avon Clinical Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum: This is a new Holy Grail for me, and I will definitely be stalking Avon for deals and will go to Ebay to find it as well. I got this as part of promotion they recently had, a gift set for 25 dollars with a 10 dollar purchase, and it contained perfume, lipstick, eyeliner, eye cream, and a hair product. This serum alone retails for $54.00. I will not pay $54.00 for it, but I will hunt it down and get it for much less, I am certain. I try a lot of products, and very rarely do they do what they purport to do, to the extent that they claim. Most are "meh" and underwhelming, even if they aren't necessarily utter fails. This one really does what it claims.
 I have difficult, sensitive, pale skin that has been dull and lifeless all winter, and when I break out (which is fairly often) I have to deal with dark marks long after the fact. This serum has brightened my skin and faded the marks. I noticed a difference after a day or two of using this, and I NEVER have been able to say that about any product in which I was certain that particular product was producing that effect. My skin looks much more even toned, feels softer, and has not broken me out, even though the serum feels slick (not greasy) upon applying it. I use one pump's worth at night, and it has made a world of difference. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!
Avon Magix Face Perfector : This is my go-to primer, and I like it much better than Smashbox, which is known for its primers. Avon's is white and feels a bit more substantial and creamy then those sorts of clear silicone based primers. It is described as a "gel-powder" and while it doesn't feel very gel-ly to me, it does dry to a very smooth, matte, almost powder finish. It helps my makeup apply more smoothly, controls oil pretty well, and doesn't make me break out. And it is stupid cheap. WIN!
Aveda Light Elements Texturizing Creme : Since I got my hair cut I have been using this, and it really helps give my fine, flyaway prone hair a little texture, body, and definition. It smells kind of spicy-woodsy too, which is unique for a hair product, I think. It doesn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy or make me break out, once again, that is a plus for sensitive old me!
Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Orange Facial Mask : I saw this in Ulta one day and it was really cheap and I was in the mood to buy a mud mask. Ok, this is not a holy grail item because I'm not sure if it does anything particularly beneficial. The packaging is sort of cheesy too.  But it smells like chocolate and orange and feels like chocolate frosting. And you put it on your face. Instant admission into the Vixen Vault- granted.
Fyrinnae Highlighter in Confidence : I've already raved about this before and I'll do it again- this highlighter is perfect for pale skin, not super glittery or silver shimmery, just a perfect light glow. Holy Grail all the way, baby.
Too Faced Shadow Insurance : An absolute must-have for mineral eyeshadow application. I like this much better than UD Primer Potion, which I tried a sample of and found it difficult to blend and generally unpleasant, not to mention the applicator, while cute, is wasteful. The Too Faced tube is much more hygienic and cost-effective. I've been using one tube for 4 months, and I go though products pretty quickly. I use it every day, and my shadow stays on and looks great even after a full day of work. It's still easy to blend shadows over it and makes the colors more vibrant. It's regularly 18 dollars, but I factor in all the time I'd spend reapplying my makeup without it into the cost-per-use value. It is worth it, even if you have to pay retail (gasp, again!)

OK, those are the highlights of what's in the Vixen Vault this month :)

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