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To ponder why I haven't written in a bit. I have a lot to post about though, as soon as I get pictures ready. Things to look forward to: TWO Sephora hauls, a BFTE mini-haul and some random product reviews and Vix Vault items.

What else to report from Liber Vix Land? Well, gonna get away for the holiday weekend and perhaps even go swimming. Perhaps meaning, I damn well better, I broke down and bought a suit. I have always been a total water baby and loved swimming. My workout of choice, I lived at the local pool growing up. I think mostly because I despise sweating and high impact, and water takes care of both those problems. I haven't had a local pool available in years though, and I've really missed it. Plus I have been way too self-conscious. But the lodge we're staying at has a pool, and my suit holds everything in that needs to be held. It's going to be hot this weekend, so I'm going to throw caution to the wind and just enjoy myself. This means though that I need to add a little color to my dead chicken complexion and parts that literally never see the sun (my legs are practically translucent) so I will review a self-tanner or two soon as well.

Another train of thought chugging through my brain right now...more family changes. One cousin just got relocated to Texas, and I will be getting together with her tonight for one last hurrah after having not seen her for a year and amidst many past promises to get together more. I suppose I'm glad we're going to get together at all, but it's still sad.

Another cousin that I used to baby-sit , go on vacations with, grew up with, just graduated from Notre Dame, and just got engaged. I haven't even met her boyfriend-now fiancee before. I think that is a ridiculous shame. I got invited to her graduation party, but it's this weekend, so I sent a card politely declining. It would have felt fake anyway, to hang around in the corner for a while being ignored by family- now-strangers, and then I probably won't see them for another 5 or so years. My cynical side wonders why bother to even invite me when they don't care to see me any other time? I maybe should have sent a gift, but it would have stretched my budget, and it wouldn't have meant much to them. I couldn't bring myself to do that for people that I stopped seeing regularly about 8 years ago for some unknown reason. I miss that old side of the family very much, but I have tried multiple times to reach out, only to be ignored, so I'm not going to let that disappointment rule me any more. Things change, people change. People move on, and I'd do well to let myself move on as well. I'll probably never know why they drifted away like that.I will stay open should anyone actually seek me out and want to be around me, but I can't waste my life waiting for people to care. I wish my family was stronger and more stable, but it's not, so I have to just deal with that and hope to create my own patchwork family of my own choosing. Cue meditative chants *here*

I'll see you all on da flip side.

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