Meh, er, May Birchbox

So I finally got my May Birchbox on Saturday May 14th. It's strange because I got shipping notification on May 6th, and I figured I would get my box a lot sooner. 9 days is a bit much. I'm not sure if it's due to their new shipping service, Streamlite, because it seemed to arrive pretty quickly after the USPS had it. It took so long that when I logged into my Birchbox account the other day the summary of what I received this month was already posted, so I kind of lost out on the surprise factor. Oh well.

 There was a bit of hubbub about this month's box because of variances in what people received. I was one of the lucky ones who got a full sized (minus the compact) Stila eyeshadow. Not only did I get one, but I got one in a color I can actually use and actually looks great on me, Copper. I bought my mom a 3 month gift subscription to Birchbox for Mother's Day and she got the same box as me, except she got the eyeshadow shade Mimosa, which was a Day-Glo matte orange. Not exactly wearable. Before I saw my box I offered to swap her if I got an eyeshadow that she might like better. But now I may just hope she forgets I mentioned that.

So the eyeshadow was a win, as was the perfume sample,  Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir. The size was a bit average for samples, but the scent is fantastic and very, very me. A huge improvement over the LIV GRN scent from last month. Some say it is a "mature" scent, and I'd agree with that. I wouldn't imagine a 20 year old wearing it clubbing or anything like that. It's very refined and warm, when I first smelled it I was reminded of Prada Infusion d'Iris, minus the piercing baby-powdery notes that turned me away from that scent. I am quickly falling in love with this one, and I may have to peruse Ebay at some point to get some more samples.
The Archipelago Pomegranate soap was purely functional. Smelled okay, but I'm not a bar soap sort of gal. Luckily my bf G liked it, so I let him have it. The Ahava hand lotion was the thing I wish I had gotten least. I would much rather have gotten the Erno Laszlo Night Serum and shampoo samples that others got. I can get hand lotion anywhere, and a rich hand cream seems like a product more suited to fall/winter boxes. However, a high-end facial serum is something I'd be anxious to try. Not to mention the Ahava lotion really did smell "mature" in a bad way. Very stereotypically old lady, and I was sort of bummed at that. G did not like that one either, so I can't pawn it off on him. There was also a Tiny Prints note card included as the treat, which is also functional and okay.

 So, 2 out of 4 ain't bad, but combined with the bordering on ridiculous shipping time, I will have to label this box as officially "Meh." I will keep subscribing though. It would be my luck the month I'd cancel would be the month something awesome made its way into the box. So I won't take that chance, and for the money, it's still totally worth it.

As a quick recap, I may be saving up my Birchbox points to get the Weleda Rose Lotion or the Juice Beauty Apple Peel. I have squeezed the lotion tube dry and have concluded that it is a very soothing, non-greasy, lovely smelling lotion, and I would like more. The peel has also been making a difference as well, and I have been able to use it probably four times so far, and have a use or two left.

And I will leave you with a LOTD (EOTD, FOTD, whatever, lol) using my new Stila Copper eyeshadow on the lid, BFTE's Big Island in the crease, BFTE's Canyon as a highlighter, and Fyrinnae's Pumpkinfire as a liner, used wet.

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