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I wanted to briefly share another reason why I love BFTE cosmetics: their interest in promoting worthy causes and drawing attention to subjects that desperately need it. They have just released two new colors to support Zach's Friends, which is focused on promoting suicide awareness in honor of a young man who recently took his own life. I think this is a topic that affects many people even though they might not talk about it. So much of our society is focused on putting on a strong, well-adjusted face even when the reality is not so much so. I also think the proliferation of technology and computer social networking in recent years sometimes has the ability to isolate people in real life, and at times can help those that might not otherwise have an outlet. It does at least help spread messages very quickly, and this is an important message to get out.

 I myself have known people who have attempted suicide, and know people who have had friends and family members commit suicide. I also went through a period of feeling  extremely depressed and suicidal when I was in middle school, and when I emerged from that I "coped" with several years of self-injury. I remember feeling very alone and wishing people cared enough to notice. Not many people did, and those that did made awkward jokes and let it slide, leaving me to fend for myself. I'm not sure quite how I moved away from those coping mechanisms and tendencies, but somehow I eventually did. I do know that I wouldn't wish those feelings on anyone. It can be hard to know how to react when faced with such a situation, which is why I don't blame those who did not give me the attention I perhaps needed, but I think talking about it enough can perhaps erase some of the embarrassment and stigma of the subject.

Please check out BFTE's post about their new line of colors and Zach's Friends here !

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