BFTE Swatches

Just wanted to quickly share swatches from my last BFTE order. These colors are all gorgeous, but you simply must check out Subcooling. It is such a unique shade, a cool blue with a sparkly gold undertone. I don't think I've ever seen a color quite like it, and it looks great with Passion, which is a bright pink with a slight purply/blue sheen.
Tickle Me, Passion, Subcooling, Aqua
  I'm still getting some Vix Vault items organized to share with you all. I am so tired today; went to get my hair cut and then spent the afternoon at IKEA, convinced that buying a bunch of organizers and containers and shelves and whatnot will help contain my mental clutter. I definitely believe that your environment can influence and/or reflect your mental landscape so I've been on a serious "the clutter must go" kick lately. We've decided to get a new bed as the one we have is ancient and impossible to sleep a full night on comfortably, so I figured if we're going to invest in a nice new bed I am going to get the bedroom streamlined and in control. Right now I am afraid the Buried Alive people will show up at our door any day now. Well, not really, but sometimes it seems like the piles are getting just too high. I need more space, more light, more airiness. I feel like I'm in a crack den at times, so my trip to IKEA today was orchestrated to get more out of the space I have and create a sense of openness where there might not be any, in essence, as my dad would say "to squeeze the nickel till the buffalo poops." Not exactly poetry, but it's true enough. Gotta get the most out of what I've got.

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