Mini Meow Haul and the Perfect Pale Part 2

I just couldn't resist the 10% off plus free shipping sale Meow Cosmetics had a couple weeks ago, and though I was pathetically broke I still got a hefty supply of samples for less than 11 dollars. Joy! I decided, after much experimentation, that my closest Meow foundation shade, especially in the summer, is Sleek Sphynx. But I can also wear Inquisitive Sphynx (Inquisitive being the lightest level of any shade), so during the winter I think I will mix Inquisitive Sphynx with Sleek Sphynx to give me a little warmth.

The tricky thing with Meow, I've noticed, is that there are shade variations between the formulations even at the same shade and depth (I've used Pampered Puss and Flawless Feline). Observe here, where I ordered a sample of both Inquisitive Sphynx and Sleek Sphynx in the Pampered Puss and Flawless Feline formulations:

Technically you'd expect the shades to be the same, just lighter or heavier in coverage, but there does seem to be some color difference. I doubt it's enough to make or break the potential for a perfect match, but it is something to consider, and it makes trying a LOT of samples that much more imperative. Especially from a brand that offers so many choices, and considering their higher full-size prices, you want to make sure you're getting the best possible shade/depth/formulation for you.
Here is more from my haul:

I got some eyeshadow samples from their Caribbean Escape line, as I've
been on the hunt for more
seafoam-y, tropical, light colors for summer. These all turned out to be great choices! I also got a sample of the green Camo Cat, which is a green neutralizing concealer for redness, and also a Sleek Sphynx under eye concealer (not shown), which is nice and creamy and works just fine as a regular concealer too.

Before I share the EOTD I did using these colors, may I just add that I went swimming again this past weekend to the area water park, and I'm quite proud of myself for that after years of avoiding it for various reasons. I also noticed that water slides feel MUCH different on a 30 year old body than a 15 year old one! I swam for hours in the wave pool with no problem but man, these slides were brutal on my old bones, lol!
You can see my feet in there!
Also, if you're like me and don't want to go totally bare faced at the pool or beach, try Urban Decay's All-Nighter Makeup setting spray. I used it this weekend, and after hours in the pool, swimming and going down slides, not just lounging, my makeup (a base layer of Tarte's Illuminating Serum, which I used as a tinted moisturizer and a light sweeping of Meow mineral foundation) was still intact. It didn't streak at all! It didn't come off until I used a makeup removing wipe in the shower, and I am VERY impressed. I wish I'd had this stuff when I was a teenager!

Ok, moving on to swatches of the eyeshadows I got:

Left to Right: Pink Sand, Kiwi, Seasick (eyeliner), Cayman, Swanky (free sample), and Seafoam
And here is the look I did using some of the colors:

I used Pink Sand and Seafoam on the lid, and Cayman in the Crease, with Seasick as a lower lash liner. I think the combo of pink and seafoam green is really pretty and perfect for hot days when you want a little color but nothing over the top.

That's all for today,thanks for reading!

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  1. Gorgeous eye colors, I'm loving the Kiwi!

    I got a whole ton of Meow foundation samples back near Thanksgiving, and I'm still kind of having trouble finding my shade. Actually maybe it would be better to say I'm having trouble finding my formula, since I got all my samples in the Pampered Puss and it's not enough coverage for me. Sometime when I have some money I intend to get some of the same colors in heavier formulations and try them out. I think it's awesome that it's so customizable though! Just takes a little extra effort, but I imagine it'll be worth it :)

    Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. Thanks for reading, Emily! Yeah, Pampered Puss is a little too light for me to use on its own, I have to use a spot concealer of some kind too. Flawless Feline is pretty opaque though. You could try a mix of PP and FF to start. I've also tried mixing Pampered Puss foundation with a bit of their concealer to up the coverage a bit (I would try several concealer shades because the concealers tend to be lighter than their matching foundation counterpart.) It is a bit overwhelming! I did an epic post on Meow foundation here:


Please leave me comments if anything strikes your fancy or if you have any helpful suggestions. Remember, I'm no expert and am just sharing my truth. Hopefully you will find something useful to take with you!

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