Oh Birchbox, You Fickle Lover...

So last month's Birchbox was nice enough, if only a little "meh". My June Birchbox, however, I am thrilled about! Birchbox is quite the fickle lover, just when you begin to think the relationship is past its prime, they go and do something lovely to make you fall in love with them all over again! What a cruel, delicious tease! So, here's what I got in my June box:

This was pretty much the perfect Birchbox for me. It had a great variety of products, skin care, makeup, hair care, perfume, and body care. All the bases were covered, so this month's box felt incredibly balanced. Plus, an absolute steal for the money. A full size Laura Geller Blush/Bronzer, which retails for $29.50! Perhaps ideally I would have gotten one of the more peachy/pink shades that some people got, but why should I quibble? This is a great item for summer, and not as dark as I thought it'd be against my skin.

 As awesome as it was to get a full sized makeup product in my box, like the full size Stila eyeshadow last month, it's sort of tricky. Realistically, we probably shouldn't expect this every month and we will inevitably feel a little let down when other months aren't quite as extravagent. It's easy to forget that this is a mere 10 dollar a month deluxe sample program, and I don't know how the Birchbox people can afford to keep that full size "wow" factor going while keeping costs so low. But if they can, more power to them, and I certainly won't complain.

The other highlight for me is the Pangea Facial Toner in Italian Mandarin and Sweet Lime. I've never used a toner in mist form before, usually I just break out the old Clean N Clear and a tissue. But this stuff is SO refreshing and cooling, perfect for hot days! And it smells like an aromoatherapy scent, except for your face. To me it smells like lavender and a Lime Slush Puppy. Love this! Plus the size was 1.8 oz, almost half the full size, which retails for $26.00. This stuff is on my wish list. I'd been wanting to try Pangea Organics for a while, the scents they offer sound so exotic and interesting.

I also got a sample of Kate Spade's Twirl, which smells lovely, a bright and sparkling fruity/floral. Now, I didn't expect to like this, but I really did. It only took me a minute to realize why: It smells, to me, remarkably like Nina Ricci Nina, in the little red apple bottle, and that happens to be one of my favorite scents ever. I detected a distinct similarity between them, but then again, that's just me and my nose.
The Oscar Blandi hair serum looks interesting, I haven't tried it yet though, and I will keep the Orange Towlettes in my purse for emergencies. The extra packet of Pangea Nigerian Ginger, Sweet Lavender and Thyme lotion was really nice too, though I would have loved a stronger ginger scent as opposed to the lavender. I think that would have been really distinctive.

So, well done, Birchbox! You made me love you.

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