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Back from my (way too short) weekend away, and I am happy to report that I did swim. I haven't been swimming in about 5 years, which feels utterly absurd and unnatural to say. But as soon as I was in the water again I was my usual water baby self, all my self- consciousness and anxiety and awkwardness simply melted away and I felt much younger than my years. I am not one of the "beautiful" people working on their tans in their string bikinis, tip-toeing daintily into the water in an attempt to avoid mussing their hair. I am the big, pale, zaftig dork splashing around, seeing how many somersaults I can do under the water in one breath. Given my appalling level of non-fitness, I was pleased to make it to 3. Of course, the next day I felt mysteriously achy, quite like I'd been hit by a truck. Then I realized, oh yeah, I'd exercised. Maybe I should keep that up. I will make a concerted effort to do so.

So, moving on to my last Sephora haul, filled with items I definitely needed for summer. I got a pack of Korres Pomegranate face wipes, which smelled oddly like wine. They were OK, non-irritating and pretty good at getting makeup off, but a bit on the dry side. I would have liked them to be more moist. The little sticker sealing the package does not stay on very securely, so I will probably stick with Sephora's face wipes, as they get the job done more efficiently and cheaply.

The thing I'm using most is a kit that was on sale at Sephora from BE, whom I haven't bought from in ages. But I really like this Lift and Glow set. I actually expected the containers to be smaller, so I was pleasantly surprised at the amount I got. It comes with 3 colors, Pure Radiance and Soft Focus Pure All Over Face Color, and I'm Amused blush, which looks shockingly wine-tinted in the jar but buffs out quite prettily. The Pure Radiance is a somewhat shimmery light tan color that I've been using as a contour/highlight color, and I use the Soft Focus Pure brushed all over. It is a very subtle non-shimmery peachy color and it really does seem to add a glow. It also comes with a cute pink bag and a blush brush, so for $18.00 I thought this was an awesome deal.

Another highlight from my order is my little set of Buxom lip glosses, in Lacey and Pixie. I'd been wanting to try Buxom for a while now, and I was not disappointed. Lacey looks super orange in the tube, but applies as a light coral, and Pixie is a barely detectable baby pink. What I love most is the minty tingle! On some hot days lately it's been the only thing that makes me feel cool! I already have pretty full lips so I'm not sure if it actually plumps them at all, but the gloss is very long lasting and the colors are wonderful. This set was only $10.00. I liked it so much, I went and bought a full sized tube of Lacey when that color went on sale at Sephora for $9.00.

Left: Pixie, Right: Lacey

I also got a pack of Sephora's Charcoal Blotting Papers, which comes in a pack of 100 for $8.00, which is great because those papers tend to come in packs of 50 or so. I don't think that the charcoal black papers blot any better than your garden variety papers, but they sure do look cooler. They are powder free, too, so you're only taking away oil, not adding
more layers of powder.

Another item I tried is Urban Decay's All-Nighter makeup setting spray. I was a bit skeptical about it so I got a travel sized one for $11.00. I tried using it, just a few quick misty sprays, after applying my makeup during some comfortable weather days, and I didn't notice a huge difference. The I tried it first on a sweltering day at the zoo, and then this past weekend at the Taste of Cincinnati, during which I believe a law is on the books that we must go during the most humid, impossible to bear, "I'm-here-to-eat-but-all-I-want-is-an-Icee" type day. I am a girl who does not glisten during days such as these, I sweat. Like Shaq. Seriously. So I was pretty happy that my makeup these days did not turn all gross and streaky or mottled-looking, nor did I get any mascara smudges, and my eyeshadow stayed pretty much intact (I credit TFSI for that too). My makeup sort of faded a bit during the day, but in a non-horrific sort of way. Just very gradual, and while the rest of me was a sweaty, soaked mess, my face looked OK, for what it was worth. So I was happy about that, and will likely buy it again for days like that.

So those were the highlights of my haul, and I will have another one to report very soon, and I'm VERY excited about this one, full of products I've been super anxious to try. And there will be some more Vix Vault items too, so stay tuned!

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