BFTE Haul Full Of Epic Win!

Today I got a tremendously lovely package from BFTE, oddly enough a week or so after knocking over my jar of Bonita and lamenting its loss. Now I've been able to replace it, and then some! See, a while back BFTE had a contest on its Facebook fan page, searching for a new tagline for the company. At the time the page was getting a lot of new traffic, and some of the comments were becoming less than supportive. I was worried the board was about to descend into judgemental cattiness, and that really saddened me. It takes a lot of guts for people to post pictures of their looks online for all to see and evaluate, and everybody has a unique skill set and style. Some people might have more experience or technical skill than others, but I think there is something to be appreciated in everyone's looks, and I said as much on the page, that diversity was something to be celebrated. Another BFTE customer liked what I said and used it to suggest the tagline "BFTE: Celebrating Diversity One Face at a Time." I thought that was brilliant, and really hoped a line like that would be picked, something that refers to BFTE's great selection and variety of colors, but also the diversity of its customers.

I must give a huge shout out to Crystal Small Wherley, who came up with that line and generously offered to share credit with me should that line be chosen. And even though several months passed since the contest, when that line actually was chosen Crystal was awesome enough to let Crystal (the owner) know that we would be sharing the prize. I think that was wicked ethical of her, and think a lot of people might not have done that, so many thanks to her! I didn't really expect any of the prize, I was just happy a line like that was chosen, and glad that I inspired it in some way. The bunches of BFTE products I got were just icing on an already very sweet cake!

I sent in my wish list to Crystal (the owner) last Friday after hearing about the contest that Thursday. By Monday my prize had been shipped and when I came home from work this Wednesday it was already waiting for me! That is some incredible shipping and service! I got a travel sample tin with 16 gorgeous samples, 2 pairs of lashes, Mix and Fix, sample sifters (so I don't have another repeat Bonita performance), and a full size jar of Oasis. Plus Crystal was nice enough to throw in a sample of Zach's Friend as well (lovely purple with silver sparkles).Three of my looks were recently chosen for the BFTE 365 contest (looks submitted to the FB fan page have a chance to be chosen for a free jar of eyeshadow..1 for every day this year.) So with my next order I'll be scooping those pretties up.

I thought I'd share some swatches for you because the colors I chose are just insanely full of win. These were all swatched over Pixie Epoxy.

Emerald City, Mint, Envy. Nani, Peacock, Seafoam, Caribbean, Fairy Tale

Moonlight, Dusty Rose, Ever After, Bonita, Big Island, Kou, Guipure, Ocean Mist, Oasis

These colors are all just glorious...Peacock is this bright shimmery cerulean blue but also has a slight green sheen to it. Emerald City is the perfect warm, sparkly, grassy green. Ocean Mist is a blue with gold sparkle, reminiscent of Subcooling but slightly darker and with "chunkier" gold sparkle. Basically, they are all worth getting.

I took my prize with me to work today and my co-workers were oohing and ahhing over everything and seemed so impressed with how pigmented BFTE's colors are. I also wore a brighter than usual look to work today because I was anxious to try out my new colors and they loved it. I work at a library, and two little girls at separate times came to the desk and told me they liked my makeup. Kids are wonderfully honest and without pretense, so I will take it as a compliment!

I used Mix and Fix for the first time for my lower lash liner and I think it really made a difference in the color's staying power. I had just been using water and it would usually make the liner migrate south a bit and get blurry during the day. The line made with the Mix and Fix stayed intact for a lot longer.

Using Guipure, Envy, Emerald City, and Pegasus

 So I just wanted to share some more reasons to love BFTE...awesome colors, quality, value, customer service, plus a fun online community. I am really so happy I found this brand, it makes my days that much brighter!

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