Meow Haul and an EOTD for Funsies

I am off work for the rest of the week and am going away for a bit this weekend, so I spent yesterday inside cleaning and doing generally boring householdy tasks so we wouldn't come home to a filthy apartment when we get back. But I did get a package from Meow yesterday, and I'm quite glad I got it today, because I had been completely out of my Sleek Sphynx foundation, and had been having to wear remnants of my Meow Flawless Feline in Inquisitive Sphynx, which is just a tad too light in color and too heavy in coverage for summer. I ordered on July 7th, the same day as several other orders, so it took about two weeks to arrive. So the shipping time is not terrible, but a little longer than I'm used to with BFTE or even Fyrinnae at times. But they just had a sale, so I anticipated a small delay.

So I bought one of the large foundations in Pampered Puss, Sleek Sphynx, and it arrived in a super cute drawstring bag. This foundation is a great deal, as it is HUGE. A full sized Bare Escentuals foundation is 8 grams for $25.00, and Meow's full size is a whopping 30 grams for $23.95 (for the Pampered Puss formula). But I didn't even pay that much for mine, I got 15 or 20 percent off during the 4th of July sale, I can't quite remember which, but either way, it was a steal. I also got some eyeshadow and blush samples from their Caribbean Escape and Lost Rainforest special collections, and they are all beautiful. I had tried some of their colors from their basic, everyday collections before but wasn't really wowed, but the special seasonal collections have impressed me much more. Of course, all the colors I got were very shimmery and most were bright, tropical colors. Just what I've been in the mood for!

And here are some swatches from my order:

A Lick and a Promise (blush), Forest Flame (blush), Limbo(blush), Blood Orange, Mantis
Bermuda Triangle, Piranha

Macaw, Ocean Spray, Bromeliad, Nabau, Torch

I know I said oranges don't really work well on me for the most part, but the ones I got were just so pretty, I couldn't resist trying them!
It is horrendously hot and humid in my area right now, so since I stayed home I did a quick EOTD for fun. Forgive the pictures, even though I stayed home, my apartment's AC is approximately a hundred years old and utterly worthless, so I was still hot and could not bring myself to blow dry my hair after my shower.

What I used:

Fyrinnae Polar Bear on the lid
Fyrinnae Evocation swept above
BFTE Celtic Charms in the crease
BFTE Big Island patted on lid over Pixie Epoxy
Liner is Fyrinnae Hypercool
Fyrinnae Nijiro - inner corner and brow highlight

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