Oh Fuddddddddge EOTD


What, were you expecting some yummy, buttery, chocolaty- type EOTD? Nope, sorry. The title of this post refers to the string of profanity I let loose after finishing this look. Only I didn't say fudge, a la A Christmas Story. And It's not even in reference to the look itself. I think the eye turned out pretty well. It started as a sort of beachy look, then seemed a little more stereotypically Egyptian when I decided to wing out the liner. The look is fine. Here's what I used:
Lid: BFTE Autumn and Bonita
Crease: Fyrinnae Velvet Vampire
Liner: BFTE Illusion

The look isn't the problem. The problem is that I managed to knock over both Bonita and Velvet Vampire the second I finished the look, scattering their sparkling joy into the ether, much like the bolts poor Ralphie from A Christmas Story saw silhouetted against the night sky a moment before they disappeared. I stood there for a moment, stunned with disbelief, before I muttered helplessly "noooooooooooooo" ...and a bunch of other stuff.

I reassured myself that I will simply have to order more (such a tragedy, I know.) And that's not a huge deal with BFTE, but with Fyrinnae and their more unpredictable open-shop patterns, I don't know how long it will be before I can get my hands on Velvet Vampire again, which is very, very sad.

Then, taking a closer look in the mirror at my look, something became apparent to me that I just hadn't noticed before. Behold...

What exactly am I supposed to be looking at, you ask? Well, let's take a closer look...

That, dear reader, is my first verifiable wrinkle. Now I'm sure I have more worrisome things going on with my face, and there may well be other wrinkles. But this one startled me, because as I looked at my face, it looked like my brow was furrowed, but it wasn't. It's not even so much the aesthetic inconvenience, I'd much rather have a wrinkle than the acne problems I had growing up, no contest. I'm not going to run out and get Botox, that just isn't my style. I think in general I'll age pretty gracefully; the great thing about having had bad skin growing up is that I always wore foundation, and that foundation usually had SPF whatever, and I never went tanning. So I'll probably look younger than my age for quite a while.

But to say this little guy did not bother me would be a lie. To say I won't slather him with anti- wrinkle cream tonight would be a lie. To say that I didn't moan and groan for a good 5 minutes to my boyfriend that I was on the fast track to becoming Gordon Ramsay would be a lie.  Gordon Jr. does bug me. I'll tolerate him, but I don't particularly like him. I wish he would go away. He's a noisy little alarm clock, and to him I say, OK, Gordon, I hear you, I hear you. Now shut up.

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  1. It must be the week for knocking over pigments! I spilled my sample of Sakura, after using it for the first time and loving it :(

  2. It must be! I think Fyrinnae has created a unique M.O....operating on sheer terror! I got totally anxious, not knowing when I could order again, or if the colors I like most are going to suddenly disappear, that I stalked the site until I was able to sneak in and make an order. I probably ordered more than I would have had I been 100% confident they would be open and available at any time. The rest of my story has a very happy ending as well...stay tuned! Thanks for reading :)


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