Venturing into Matte Territory

I realized a few weeks ago that since I discovered MM online last autumn, I have purchased virtually NO matte colors. I can't think of a single one that has been totally matte.I think that after years of wearing neutral, basic matte drugstore eyeshadows, my brain went a little rainbow sparkle happy: "OOOOHHHH look at the pretty shimmers! Squeeeeee!!!! Must.Have.Sparkles!" So, I decided to "branch out" and bought a few matte colors from BFTE. I tried to pick a few that were brighter in their matte way so as to not feel like I was depriving myself of color, glorious color. Here's what I got:

Buttered Up, Seven Seas, After Party, Twisted, Panurple, Girl Next Door
These were all beautiful colors, very pigmented and with a velvety texture. I still think I'm going to naturally gravitate towards colors with at least a slight sheen to them if not outright sparkle. I usually don't do really elaborate, dramatic eyes, but I think I prefer to have a little more dimension and shimmer. Plus perhaps they're just easier for MM newbie me to work with! These are lovely though, I especially liked Panurple as a liner. Here's a quick EOTD I did with the mattes:

EOTD using Twisted, After Party, Seven Seas, Panurple, and Buttered Up
That's all for today...but I predict that I will have several haul posts in the near future, and of course my monthly Birchbox Post!

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