Arcane Magic x2 and a Fyrinnae Update

Apparently another Fyrinnae update is in order. A commenter on my blog was kind enough to let me know that a new message has appeared on the site stating:

Fyrinnae is closed as of 8/16. Please do not make purchases.
(we love the interesting rumors going around, and our love for you bloggers just increased, if possib

I admit this made me squee a little.
Mostly because it means they are not closing permanently, and also because they have been observing with bemusement
 and gotten a kick out of the interweb fret-fest (including, possibly, mine).

I've said before that in a way the closures are an effective marketing strategy. Withhold a desirable supply, and demand will go up when it is available. Even though it might turn some people off, how many orders have I made based on pure fear that the site would not be up for long, that I needed to get my order in RIGHT NOW? Several, I must say. The closures may be born of necessity, but they are also quite brilliant.  And as for the recent cryptic closure message, perhaps the phrasing and context was a mistake. But if not, then that was bloody brilliant.

Because they have gotten a LOT of attention because of it, and probably made a lot of people who had been casually considering trying Fyrinnae a lot more anxious to do so now.
 I know I've gotten a lot of hits on my blog with searches like "Fyrinnae drama", "Fyrinnae closed 2011", etc. Any press is good press? Perhaps.

I've also read in a couple of places that some people were being somewhat disparaging towards Fyrinnae, that they weren't being grateful towards their customers of something to that effect. I haven't seen those remarks, just some of the usual well-intentioned if unrealistic "they should just hire more people" comments. I don't think comments like that are necessarily meant to be rude, they're just misdirected. If you check out Fyrinnae's blog
it's explained in detail why they don't do that, as well as how different their production methods are from some mineral makeup companies. I figure that most people who think that haven't bought from Fyrinnae much or at all, or haven't gotten clarification from the blog on how things work. I don't think that's a sin. I certainly don't see why people would consider them ungrateful towards their customers, though. I've never gotten that impression in the slightest. I can't really comment further though since I haven't seen the context of such comments.

And since my blog has been getting traffic concerning Fyrinnae lately, I want to go on the record as saying I hold Fyrinnae in the utmost highest regard. I think that's clear from what I've written already, but I hope this crystallizes the fact. I've found their customer service to be impeccable and their products, clearly, legendary. That's why I would have been seriously put out if they closed for good. My concerns have never been anything but that, concerns.

That said, I don't really give a toss if they have site closures, never have.
They are a small business and have those pesky, mortal lives, so whatever helps them run a smoother business is fine by me. Close for a day, a week, a month, no problem. There are some indie makeup companies that could benefit from that measured, knowing-one's-limits approach. If the closings are due to some negative personal event, then they have my every sympathy and hope for resolution. I definitely don't require a dissertation on the personal reasons surrounding any given closure. I would simply prefer,in an ideal world, for the closure notices to be somewhat more clear, if a precise re-opening date cannot be given, "until further notice" would completely suffice. That would let everyone know that they WILL reopen, and no one would get into a tizzy. But then, perhaps, where is the fun in that? From now on I will simply have to take everything with a heftier grain of salt, and just enjoy the ride.

In that spirit, here's a couple of EOTDs from this weekend, featuring the Arcane Magic colors. MUST be getting more of these!

Lid: Sequined Master
Crease: Koala (this color seems sort of grey/taupe in the jar, but paired with Sequined Master it seems more mauve-y)
Highlight: Equality
Liner: Immortality, wet

Next EOTD:

Lid: Dragon Magic (really not as emerald green as it looks here. To me, Dragon Magic's shift is more from teal/green to violet. The shift is more evident in the jar than on my eye, but perhaps it's just my vantage point)
Crease: Sumatran Tiger
Highlight: Polar Bear (another must have!)
Liner: Dark Fantasy

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  1. So pretty! I just received Sequined Master and I can't wait to try it out. What's you've done here looks great.


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