First Impressions: Morgana Cryptoria

I've had a hankering to try a new indie makeup brand lately, and finally settled on Morgana Cryptoria. It's known for super pigmented lipsticks, with a huge array of colors, along with other products like hair dye and eyeshadows, all with a goth-y edge. The owner, Melissa, just came out with a new line of lip balms. Being more of a lip balm/lip gloss kind of gal myself, I found them really appealing and wanted to test out a few. I suppose I have great lips for lipsticks, but I don't like really heavy color too often...there's just too much that can go wrong. Perhaps I'm just lazy. I don't often deviate outside of basic rosy/pinky/coral sheen sort of colors, but, when exploring the Morgana Cryptoria website, the rebel in me made an appearance at the sight of Mint Sensation, and I immediately decided to order it, no consideration whatsoever as to whether or not it would look good on me. Because, hello, it's a shiny mint green lip balm! I simply wanted to hold it in my greedy little hands, practicality be damned.I also ordered Masquerade Ball, which is a blackened blue-green shade, even more outside my comfort zone. It reminded me for some reason of Mia Sara's goth queen scenes in the 80's fantasy classic Legend, and I decided to order it for that reason alone. I also ordered Goldspun, a straight up metallic gold, and Amaranth, a bright, almost fuchsia rose -pink.

I ordered when the lip balms were on sale for 5 dollars each, and paid 5 dollars for shipping. 25 dollars for 4 lip balms (on sale) is a little more pricey than I'm used to for lip balms, but these struck me as something quite special and unique among lip products.

I ordered on July 7th, and I got my package on July 27th. I must say almost 3 weeks is the longest amount of time I've ever waited for any indie makeup order I've ever made, but because of the recent lip balm debut I understood there would be some delay. I assume that time frame is the exception rather than the rule. I was hoping there would be perhaps an eyeshadow sample or some other sort of sample in my order, but alas, no such luck. I suppose I've been spoiled by the other brands I've tried, but it's always a nice touch. But I digress...onto the colors!

Masquerade Ball and Mint Sensation are definitely more novelty colors for me. They are gorgeous colors, rich and pigmented, and apply like a lipstick, but in lip balm form. This presents some complications. With colors so far outside my natural lip color shade, it wasn't quite possible to simply swipe them on like a lip balm and go, never to give it another thought. You probably need a lip brush to get a precise application, due to the shape of the applicator and the nature of the balms. These colors tended to smear on me, and if I tried pursing my lips to spread the color out, the pigment moved about too much and coverage got a bit patchy. I had the balm on perfectly and by the time I took this picture the color migrated slightly.

I also failed to consider that the pictures of the lip balms on the website are taken of a perfect moment in time, but wearing a mint green or blackened blue-green in real life is an entirely different endeavor. As soon as you start speaking, drinking, breathing, things have the potential to go everywhere, and in even less attractive fashion than if you simply had a touch of a pink above your lip or on your teeth. And of course, keep in mind that certain colors are flattering to your teeth, and others, um, not so much so. I found the Mint Sensation slightly drying (it has a slight minty taste), and think all of them benefit from a bit of gloss on top. While the lip balms are long lasting and required a makeup wipe to fully remove the color, when I blot my lips even a few minutes after application I get a lot of color off. That's okay for pinky shades that can fade naturally with no noticeable ickiness, but the darker shades...eep! So the more exotic colors are a bit too treacherous for my personal everyday taste, but I sort of anticipated that. I just wanted them anyway! I do have some ideas for looks incorporating them, though.

But I instantly fell in love with Amaranth, which I found very flattering, forgiving, and easy to apply. This one is just up my alley. purty....
I tried layering it with Goldspun, for a more rose-gold shade, and that also came out

Goldspun on its own is a little patchy, but still more forgiving then the first two shades. I can see using this to alter other hues I might wear, because I'm fond of a slight gold sheen.

So, would I buy from Morgana Cryptoria again? I think so. I believe there is a lip gloss line in the works, and I would be eager to try those. A wand applicator would be very helpful with colors this rich. Plus I would like to try a few more of the tame and sheer lip balm colors. The formula in general is very nice and is of excellent quality. I would probably wait for a sale though because the lip balms are regularly 7 dollars...ouch.I think at times samples are offered of lip sticks, but none were being offered when I made my order. I am a sample junkie, and prefer to try before investing in the full size. I was feeling a little iffy about it all until I tried Amaranth, and that one really sold me, that the more subtle colors would work best for me. But I love that all the crazy colors are offered in a lip balm, and the concept itself is quite brilliant. I would recommend giving Morgana Cryptoria a try.

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  1. you have great reviews! thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for reading, glad you liked it!

  3. The colors look great! I wanted to try some of her new balms, just haven't got around to placing an order. And I completely understand the feeling of your lipcolor moving around after you apply it!

  4. Amaranth looks soooooooo pretty on you!! :)

  5. @The Peach: They really are very nice, even the trickier ones. I think I might like some of the more "out there" shades in a lip gloss form better though.

    @Judikins: Thank you so much! I'm glad I got that one, it's very wearable :)

  6. Wow, I need Amaranth... it looks especially gorgeous with Goldspun!


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