Fyrinnae Swatches

Sorry, I haven't got a witty line for this post title, I just wanted to post these before beddy-bye time! And it's only a baby haul as well, but it's Fyrinnae, so of course, awesome!

I don't want to catastrophize or be all "oh no the sky is falling" just based on my gut feelings, but the combination of the site being down so much lately, the lack of new shades, along with the disappearance of others, makes me a touch nervous. I'm trying to get my hands on every color I think I could ever possibly want, a little bit at a time...just in case. If that makes me a crazy makeup survivalist with a hidden makeup storage bunker, so be it!

Top: Trickery, Madame and Eve's, Sake and Sashimi
Bottom: Sequined Master, Freya

Madame and Eve's, Freya, Sake and Sashimi, Sequined Master, Trickery

These are all gorgeous. Trickery reminds me of BFTE's Riddle, a sort of taupe with a green shimmer. Sake and Sashimi is a rich brown with blue and green sparkles, and Freya is a smooth black based royal purple. I tried with little success to capture the color changes of the Arcane Magic shades. Madame and Eve's is most brilliant, if you hold the jar up high it looks more purple, then becomes greenish as you bring it down.

Down Low

Up High

Argh...they are devilishly tricky to photograph, but believe me the effect is quite spectacular. Sequined Master is more subtle, but there is still a decided shift from more magenta/purple to lighter purple.

Up High

Down Low

I also got a small jar of Fluff, which I've been using as a setting powder. It was only 4 dollars for a 3 gram jar, which is extremely reasonable. I think it is comparable to MUFE's HD Powder, they look and feel pretty much identical, Fluff being just slightly less white and it seems just a bit less messy. So, definitely a worthwhile purchase for makeup setting purposes!

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  1. Wonderful swatches! Madame and Eve's looks so beautiful. I have Sake and Sashimi, it reminds me of MAC Blue Brown :) I have to check out Fluff, looking for a setting powder.

  2. I did a pretty good sized Fyrinnae order recently too. I hope the company comes back strong someday soon with new colors and maybe the Lip Lustres again! Very pretty colors you got! Thanks for the swatches!

  3. @Su: I think Fluff is perfectly comparable to MUFE HD powder, and so much cheaper. I would give it a try :)

    @The Peach: I hope they come back stronger as well, by the time I'd heard of them they had ceased selling the lustres and weren't adding adding anything new. I missed out on so much, it seems :( Hopefully they will at least post on their blog soon to placate all us worrywarts that everything is OK (I hope!)


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