Meow Cosmetics: Neptune's Grotto

In one final salute to summer I ordered some colors recently from Meow's new collection of ocean inspired shades- Neptune's Grotto. They include varying shades of blue, seafoam, and dark and mysterious greys. Some of the colors seem quite similar, but there are just enough difference among them to make a really lovely, smooth ombre effect. I am a sucker for those sorts of looks. Here's what I got:

Top: Chasm, Malawi, Grotto, Seaspray
Middle: Dead Sea, Black Crystal Abyss, Cocytus, Saltwater
Bottom:  (Free Sample)Lemonade Blush, (Free Sample) Saucy Blush,  Rainforest Collection Amazon
  Here they are swatched over bare skin (These apply so smoothly and are quite pigmented and shimmery!):
Dead Sea, Grotto, Saltwater, Seaspray, Chasm, Malawi

Saucy (Blush), Lemonade (Blush), Amazon, Saltwater, Cocytus, Black Crystal Abyss

 These are all awesome, but if I had to pick I'd say Dead Sea is one of the stand out colors. It is a rich blue but has a really beautiful green sheen underneath.

And finally a quick eye I did using Grotto, Seaspray, and Cocytus as a liner:

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  1. Very pretty blue look! I was debating on ordering from the Neptune's Grotto collection, but I just don't wear that many blues. Dead Sea does look very beautiful!

  2. Thank you! Yeah, I'm not even sure if blues are the best color on me necessarily, I just went though a bit of a seafoamy phase this summer :) I think paired with one of the grey shades from that collection it would be more subtle, less, wow, BLUE!
    It's handy that you can get the samples for 1 dollar with Meow, so it's not a huge investment.


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