Mini BFTE Haul

I thought I was perfectly well-stocked with BFTE pretties, after having just received 50 dollars worth for their tagline contest prize, but they had a promotion last week that orders would contain 2 mysterious freebies. And seeing that I did have 3 jars to order from the 365 days of BFTE contest, I figured, why not? So I put in a teensy order, a couple of samples, the COTW, and some more sifter lids for sample jars. So, here's what I got:

Top: Bermuda, Guipure
Bottom left to right: Peacock, Emerald City, Triple Berry, Spruce
free brush and free sample of Marina

My 365 prize choices were samples I had gotten previously,but I loved them so much I decided to get the full sizes, and Bermuda was the COTW. Some of these I swatched already, but here they are again:

Bermuda, Guipure, Marina, Triple Berry, Emerald City, Peacock, Spruce

These are actually all swatched over bare skin, just to show how pigmented they are even without a base. Of course, you'd really want one to keep the sparkles adhered, but you get the general idea. Spruce was the sleeper winner of my haul. I'd had my eye on it for a while now, but had never gotten around to ordering it. I don't see many looks using it, and it is really pretty, a light, metallic silvery forest green. So I thought I'd do a look using it:

Inner lid: Spruce
Outer Lid: Marina
Crease: Bermuda
Liner: Fairy Tale
Highlight: Guipure

I have been so frustrated lately. My camera is an ok, super basic camera, but it is proving to be completly worthless at good macro shots. For a while I thought it was just my camera skills, being a total newbie, but now I'm pretty sure I just need a better camera, one that can show just how gorgeous these colors are. I have to take about 50 pictures of every look I do just to get one or two usable photos, and even they aren't that great. And that is just ridiculous. It sucks putting a lot of effort into a look and only being able to capture a mediocre version of it. I really want to do them justice, so I'm hoping in the next few months to get something not super fancy, but better than what I'm working with now. Argh. Rant over. Enjoy anyway!

The necklace is a new creation, the Wheel of Fate: an old watch works (gears removed) with game spinners attached. They really spin, which is kind of cool!

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  1. i'm going to have to order triple berry!

    i hear ya about the camera issues...i saved up and got a better one. it cost me a lot, but in the long run - it's SOOOO worth it. for EVERYTHING. :D

  2. the look you did is super pretty!!

  3. @betsy, Triple Berry is lovely! And I'm going to try to find the best camera I can for less than 200 bucks, eventually. I'm too much of an amatuer to justify spending any more than that, really. I just want my eyes to show up clearly and brightly and for the colors to be true. It takes way to much effort to achieve that with my current camera, lol!

    @Judikins, thank you! I wish the pics came out better, they were really much brighter and more shimmery metallic, but I do the best I can with what I've got. Thanks for reading!


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