More BFTE Swatch-a-Rama!

I know I mentioned a review of Haus of Gloi in the works in my last post, and I will get to that very shortly. Perfume and the science of scent is fascinating to me, and I've written about it before here and here. But for all my interest in the subject, I find it a damn maddening one to write about coherently, because it's so complex, so subjective, so personal. But I will get to it, I promise!

So until then, here is my most recent  BFTE order!

Sample Jars: Top: Hollywood Secrets, Unicorn, Baked
Bottom: Candy Shop, Glimpse, Melon
Full Sized Jars: Top: Riddle, Celtic Charms, Peachy
Bottom: Canyon, Vamp, Elegant
All the full sized ones were prizes for BFTE contests, except Celtic Charms, which was the COTW. They had a contest for naming one of their mini collections, and I suggested their "Fall in Aspen" collection colors: Gable, Vamp, and Autumn. Autumn is my favorite season without a doubt, and these colors together really encapsulate it for me. So I got three jars for that, and two for the 365 contest. Winning awesome makeup is pretty cool!

Now, onto swatches!

Left to Right: Unicorn, Hollywood Secrets over Pixie Epoxy, Hollywood Secrets over bare skin, Baked, Glimpse, Melon
I did Hollywood Secrets twice to show what a difference a "glitter glue" of some kind makes! A regular primer would be sufficient, but a glue like Pixie Epoxy is going to really help those sparkles adhere. Unicorn is another highlight, it's a metallic smokey silver/purple. I don't recall seeing many/any looks with it, which is a shame because it's gorgeous. Oh, and please ignore the huge scratch across my arm. Our cat Maisy gets a little rambunctious and mischievous when she's being brushed. Case in point:

She's normally quite docile and cuddly, but getting brushed just makes her act, well, a bit odd.

Moving on...

Left to Right: Canyon, Celtic Charms, Vamp, Elegant, Candy Shop, Peachy, Riddle

 I'd say Vamp is my stand-out favorite from this bunch. Though all of them are my favorites, since I tend to order samples to experiment, and then use prize choices or COTWs to get the full sizes of ones I really, really want. Anyway, if Gryffindor House had a singular eye shadow color, Vamp would be it. The gold sparkles really set it off, and the color is not quite as intense on the eye as in the jar, it can be rubbed into the crease for a subtle burnished red/bronze effect very easily. Riddle is interesting too, a shimmery dark taupe with a green sheen. This is also a good crease shade when you want a little color, but nothing over the top.

And finally here's a look I did using some of my new colors.
Lid: Hollywood Secrets
Crease: Triple Berry
Liner: Unicorn
Highlight: Whisper


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  1. They're gorgeous colours and love how you've combined them. Looks fantastic!

  2. Lovely! You look so pretty! I just adore the eye combination. The Triple Berry is such a gorgeous purple :)

  3. Thanks you guys! Those shades are a gazillion times prettier in person, my camera...oh, it's evil and old. A whopping 5.2 MP, I'm embarrassed to say.Maybe a better photographer than I could get decent shots out of it, but I'm just not that gifted, LOL. Saving up for a new one!

  4. Thanks for the swatches! Glimpse is so pretty, definitely going on my list! ;)


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