Way To Innovate, August Birchbox!

 First off I'd like to welcome the new followers I've gotten recently. There are a lot of awesome bloggers out there and I'm happy you decided to check me out, so thank you!

On to business...this month's Birchbox has created a lot of commotion, apparently. Some people were not so impressed by their boxes, and were even less impressed given this month's theme, beauty innovations. I've read several reviews and comments by people canceling their subscription over this box. You'd think the "innovation" claim would be backed up by the newest, techno-iest, wow-inspiring products, but many people did not have that reaction, given that the centerpiece of the majority (if not all) of the boxes this month was an elastic hair tie. Oh yes, the infamous black twistie, regularly mistaken as a stowaway extra ribbon in the boxes and mere seconds away from an untimely disposal death in the trash, until it is observed that, oh, this is my treat. The hair tie that looks as good on the wrist as in the hair. Tres chic, Birchbox.

Ok, maybe that's not entirely fair. I am actually wearing my hair tie right now, and yeah, I did wear it on my wrist when I went swimming yesterday. It looks just as unremarkably OK on the wrist as any other old hair elastic, and not quite worthy of any innovation claims. I think that was the downfall of this month's box. How could that theme NOT get people's hopes up?

I, for my part, was not extremely disappointed with my box though, when disregarding the theme and taking the products on face value. The worst part was not getting the box that most people got though. I was actually looking forward to the June Jacob's mask (I'm a sucker for peels and masks) and the Shaveworks gel particularly. I have ultra-sensitive skin and am super prone to painful razor bumps and ingrowns (happy happy, joy joy) and was looking for something more effective than Tend Skin. I was really looking forward to trying this stuff. In fact, when I got a different box, I checked Sephora and saw that they sell this product, so I'm going to be buying some anyway. I can see why some people who don't have that problem would be disappointed to get that in their box, but really, if you don't have that problem, man, thank your lucky stars, because it sucks royally.

Anyway, this is the box I got:

I waited a few days to write my review so I could try these products. The Blinc eyeliner is quite waterproof, and looks good. I did a look today using it, which I'll post soon. This is how it looks swatched, before drying:

And this is how it looked after rubbing it with some effort, and then holding under the faucet for a minute or so:

I believe it is necessary to combine both pressure and water in order to remove it. When I removed it, it didn't really come off in one easy piece as claimed, but did flake off in larger pieces than most eyeliners. I had been wanting a really waterproof eyeliner, so I was pleased to get this.

I found the Wei eyepads to be more relaxing than having any amazing skin benefit, but I suppose my eyes did seem somewhat less puffy. It was nice to get 2 packs of two so I can try them again.

I used the Carol's Daughter Monoi hair mask as a conditioner after coloring my hair today (in place of the little packets that come with most boxed hair colors). I'm not sure if my hair ended up super soft and manageable because of the hair color or the mask, but the mask made my hair smell awesome, and there was enough in the packet to decant into another container, and I'll be able to get a few more uses out of it.

I've only used the Pangea face wash once, but it seems like a nice basic cleanser, with a nicer than average scent. I'm still using my Pangea Sweet Lime and Mandarin spray toner I got in another Birchbox, and adore it. That stuff is so refreshing! I mist my face once or twice in the middle of my work day and it's slightly effervescent-feeling, like a carbonated lime slushee. Yummmmm...

So, while I technically would have preferred the main Birchbox this month, my box wasn't half bad. The innovation element wasn't really there and the twistie was admittedly a little lame, but I still think the box was worth the purchase price and more. Hopefully for the one year Birchbox anniversary next month they will pull out all the stops!

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