Fyrinnae Haul, Nature Thoughts, and Dark Fairy LOTD

I feel sort of bad posting my last Fyrinnae haul pictures, since the site at the moment is closed. But I am pretty happy I was able to make another order at all, so I will share the bounty!

Top Left to Right: Rapunzel Had Extensions, Medieval Haunting, Snow Leopard, Damn Paladins, STFU, Monarch Butterfly
Bottom Left to Right: Dressed to Kill, Sorceress, Darling Misfit, Shinigami, Sleepy Hollow, Njordr

These shades are all new for me, except Rapunzel Had Extensions. I ADORE this shade and had to get another sample of it. That pink with gold sheen combo is absolute magic. I find myself seeking it out in other products. I found a somewhat similar shade in an Avon nail polish recently!

Rose Gold
 Here are the swatches from my haul, all over Pixie Epoxy:

Monarch Butterfly, STFU, Damn Paladins, Snow Leopard, Medieval Haunting, Rapunzel Had Extensions
 Pixie Epoxy really brings out the gold in Rapunzel and the blue in Damn Paladins!

Njordr, Sleepy Hollow, Shinigami, Darling Misfit, Sorceress, Dressed to Kill
 I was able to capture just a little bit of the color shift in Sorceress, which is one of the Arcane Magic shades. I didn't use a flash in the first pic so you don't see the sparkles, but it shows the shift to purple from blue more clearly.

I went through a bit of makeup-block trying to do a look with these colors the other day. Does that ever happen to you? I would do a look, hate it, wipe it all off, and start over. I think I did 3 looks on Saturday before I finally settled on one. It's like all the colors I was using were conspiring against me and simply going on wrong and not cooperating. I was fairly happy with this one though:

Lid: Dressed to Kill
Crease: Njordr
Liner: Monarch Butterfly

I had better luck that afternoon taking pictures in the woods with G. One of our favorite things to do is go to the local arboretum and walk in the woods. The weather around here has been crazy lately! Friday temperatures reached about 100, and then, Monday was about 60. We had our hearts set on going swimming one more time this season, but since it suddenly looked and felt like bloody Sleepy Hollow out, we couldn't go the waterpark in Cincinnati we'd been going to. So, stubborn bastards that we are, we donned out suits and flip flops and headed to the local rec center, which also had a tiny outdoor waterpark. Labor Day was supposed to be its last day of the season, but of course, it was closed, since no one in their right mind would want to swim outside. They also had an indoor pool and spa area, so we trekked right on in and got our swim on! Hardly anyone else was there too, which was on one hand freeing, and on the other, a little weird. I like the fact though that when we're determined to do something, we make it happen.

So we were being stubborn again and walking in the woods even though it was a Sleepy Hollow-esque day Saturday, and it had been raining off and on all day. Nothing is more peaceful and primal than walking in deserted woods, nothing but the sound of your footsteps and the smell of earth around you. And then it starts raining, and your car is so far away it's sort of pointless trying to make a run for it, so you just accept that you're going to get soaked, and just let go, and breathe and experience it with all your senses. I got this picture of G as we made out way to the car, and tweaked it to highlight the sinister clouds rolling in along with the feeling of isolation:

My sweetie G walking in the rain

So since I've been in an artsy sort of mood, I did a more dramatic LOTD today. It makes me think of a dark fairy in a way, like one of Brian Froud's Bad Fairies.
Lid: Sorceress
Crease: Damn Paladins
Liner: Hypercool
Highlight: Equality
Also Confidence highlighter on cheekbones and brow bone for extra sheen
Lips: Morgana Cryptoria lip balm in Masquerade Ball
Necklace by moi
(the little glass vial contains a piece of fabric from my senior prom dress. Incidentally the ONLY dance I ever went to.)

And an un-artified look at the eye:

Well, that's all for today, and thanks for reading, as always!

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  1. Very pretty eye shadows! I love both your looks, the green one is stunning and the blue is too! Wow, that lipstick is smashing, very artsy indeed!

    You have gorgeous, flawless skin too :)

  2. I love both of these looks, but I'm a sucker for Sorceress!

  3. @Su: Thanks! It's definitely outside my usual style, but I like doing dramatic looks now and then. That lipstick is gorgeous, but man, it is hard to get on evenly. Maybe it's just me, but I could NOT move my lips, or it just smeared everywhere, lol! And thank you for the skin compliment, I grew up with horrible skin so every time I hear that it is a HUGE deal for me, I never take it for granted.

    @olgiepolgie: I love it too, that blue/purple shift is amazing!


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