OOTD AKA There's a Blue Moon Tonight

Per the title, today I'm going to share my OOTD, which I have never done, and probably will never do with any regularity. My wardrobe just isn't that interesting. But I really LUV the dress I'm wearing here so I thought I'd post a few pictures of it for posterity.

G and I had a little date night Friday at our favorite local Thai place where I got my favorite food on the planet, Massaman curry. Seriously, I could eat the stuff every day for the rest of my and not get tired of it. It consists of a rich, creamy coconut milk based curry sauce, potatoes, onions, carrots, peanuts, and meat (I always get chicken). The broth is so tasty and comforting I could drink it like a soup. It tastes just like the meal I had at a Thai place called Galanga we stumbled across when we went on vacation in NYC a few years ago. I tried Massaman curry there for the first time. Anyway, we were on the trip with a friend who, bless his soul, doesn't have a very sophisticated or adventurous palate. Not that I'm super out-there myself, but he got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch at Chelsea Market, for crying out loud.

We were hungry and getting pretty grumpy after a long day of sight-seeing and finally decided to separate for dinner. We had already had a disappointing, generic Italian meal the night before in Little Italy. Turned out the travel books were right: DON'T go to Little Italy for Italian!  So G and I were determined to get something memorable and unique. Anyway, J found himself a nice safe place where he could get fries and a burger (yawn). We, on the other hand, found Galanga. And a love affair was born. I want to get back there very, very badly, so every time I go to Thai 9 in my area, I feel like I'm a little bit closer.

Moving on, here is my outfit:

The dress is from JC Penny. I wanted it so badly, and it was the last one on the rack, but a size too small. I bought it anyway, and I made that sucker fit!
The sheer lace wrap is from Forever 21. I like getting open cardigans, wraps, and loose tops from there, because their clothes are simply not made to fit women with um, substantial chests. Sometimes I try tops on there and they fit me like they'd been left in the dryer or were a child's top. Then I usually start laughing out loud in the changing room and probably sound nuts. Like, are you SERIOUS?

And here is my makeup look:


Lid: Fyrinnae Shinigami
Crease: BFTE Karma and Spank Me
Liner: BFTE Livid
Highlight: BFTE Baked

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your makeup looks stunning and you're right, that dress is a stunner. It looks great on you!

  2. Thank you! I was so surprised to find something so retro-ish at JC Penny. The SUPER awesome part is that I paid maybe 15 bucks for it! It was on clearance marked down from 60 I think, plus I had a 10 dollar off coupon. Doesn't get much better than that :)

  3. Ok, the outfit is totally cute but your makeup looks *fabulous*! Really beautiful application. What's up with Fyrinnae, anyhoo? their site has been down forever.

  4. Thanks! There was *some* worry recently that they were closing for good, but all appears to be well now, just standard temporary closings. New shades and lip lustres have been mentioned on the Chemist's twitter feed, so I think those are making a comeback, yay!


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