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I've been sitting on this Sephora haul for so long, but I got sidetracked by my recent First Impressions Review, which took forever to compose. So, for a change of pace,  I'm going to do a (somewhat) short and sweet run down of what I got here, and whether I will buy these items again. I also have swatches of all the lip colors. Here's what I got:

Shaveworks The Cool Fix:  This is supposed to soothe razor burn and prevent/heal ingrowns. This is a huge, distressing, painful problem for me (pale, sensitive skin + dark hair= FAIL) so I was eager to try this but not expecting miracles. I like this though, at least better than the sample of Tend Skin I recently tried. That stuff has the consistency of slightly viscous water, and smells like straight rubbing alcohol. The Shaveworks is a gel, smells more refreshing and does feel soothing. The healing/preventing part remains to be seen.
Re-purchase? : Maybe

Soap and Glory Off You Face Cleansing Wipes:  Just your standard face wipes. Removes makeup fairly well. I still think I prefer the Sephora brand face wipes.

Re-purchase: Eh, probably not. Too many other options out there.

Buxom Rock Stars Set : Set of 4 mini plumping lip glosses. LOVE Buxom! The great thing about them is that even though they can look extreme in the tube, they are actually pretty sheer and wearable.  Here are the colors on:

Julie (Tulip Pink)

Tonya (Hot Pink Sparkle)

Blanche (Shimmering Nude)

Gabby (Grapewine Shimmer)

Of these, on the Sephora website I see Gabby and Tonya being offered as full sized. I especially liked Gabby and may get that one in the future.

Re-purchase: Not this set, because it's sold out (sorry). But I always have my eye out for new Buxom sets. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel:  I got this in the trial 5 pack (2 steps per pack). I've used 2 of the 5 and haven't really noticed any discernible differences. It tingles a little when applying but other than that, nothing. I greatly prefer the Juice Beauty Apple Peel I got in my first Birchbox in April (that's what I'm saving my Birchbox points for, actually).

Re-purchase: No. Pretty underwhelming after all the hype I've read about it.

Guerlain Rouge Automatique  Coque D'Or 120 :Got this as a 100 point perk. It's a pretty, bright red with gold shimmer.

Re-purchase: It's nice, but not worth 35 bucks.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in 9 Rose Stiletto : This was a free Sephora promotion. I really do like this one a lot. It's a smooth, matte light rose color, and it smells like roses too. Feels moisturizing and is just a pretty, subtle color. Still, I can't spend 30 bucks on one lipstick. Sigh. I just can't.

Re-Purchase: Alas, not right now.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Face:

This costs 150 dollars an ounce, so no matter how well it worked, I would not buy this. Turns out that the Perricone MD people would have to pay ME 150 bucks to even get this abomination near my face again. I've already mentioned this in my Solstice Scents review, because I just had to cast out the demons of that experience. The smell. Oh, humanity, the smell. It literally made me shudder and grimace when I put in on my face! And the kicker is, it did make my skin feel slightly smoother and more even toned, but I don't care. I will not suffer for beauty in that way, never ever.

Re-Purchase: Um. NO.

Philosophy Miracle Worker Eye Cream: Haven't used this yet, only because I haven't had great experiences with Philosophy and am reluctant to. Don't really like their body washes, they usually smell fake (not all, but many) and have a weird chemical
 after-scent. I tried their Hope In A Jar face cream, and up until Perricone MD, found it to be the worst smelling face cream I'd ever tried. It smelled like the raw chemicals the cream consists of, like the Philosophy people got bored halfway through production and just decided to slap it in the jar without finishing it. Again, a shame, because the actual cream wasn't bad, still, just horribly overpriced. So, I might just let G use this cream; he's always asking to use my face potions anyway.

Re-Purchase: Nope.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a kind of disappointing haul for you. At least there were some things you liked! Those glosses look great in particular.

  2. It does seem that way, doesn't it? It was better than it sounded, apart from the evil Perricone MD Plasma bollocks, nothing was horrendous, just not much I'd repurchase. Plus the free samples are usually just nice to use in the moment for fun, but are too cost-prohibitive to buy full size. There are just so many products out there, and my funds are limited, so something REALLY has to impress me before I decide to stick with it for the long haul rather than explore similar products from other brands. I'm fickle like that, lol.

  3. Nice haul! Loving all the lipglosses and lipsticks :) I think Guerlain Rpuge Automatic is more of a fancy thing. Colour is nice though!

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I've given you a blog award on my blog. Yay!

  5. Great photos, btw. I have such a hard time taking pics of my mouth/lips....they always come out looking weird.


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