An Autumn Palette with BFTE

It's been a while since I've shared some EOTDs with you all so...
I got a mini order from BFTE a few weeks ago when they came out with a new color, Dragon Slayer, and made it COTW. It sold out before the week was over, but I was lucky enough to get my mitts on this pretty little fellow. I also ordered Glimpse as a prize for the 365 contest, and samples of Ornamental and Seduction. I didn't intend it this way, but upon receiving my colors I realized put together they all made a really gorgeous autumnal color palette.

Top: Glimpse, Dragon Slayer
Bottom: Ornamental, Seduction

Seduction, Glimpse, Dragon Slayer, Ornamental

These colors are fantastic, I think Dragon Slayer is at least in the top 10 of my favorite BFTE shades. My camera does not do it justice. In my EOTD pictures it looks more yellow-gold. In reality it is a deeper, bronzier gold, similar in texture (incredibly smooth metallic) to another BFTE favorite, Autumn. But it is not as yellow as it appears here. Also, Glimpse has a metallic green tone that's not translating at all. I am so utterly ready to retire my camera!

This is what I used:

Lid: Dragon Slayer
Crease: Glimpse
Highlight: Ornamental
Liner: Seduction

And because I'm just a nice person (sometimes), here is another look that I am loving for fall:

Inner Lid: BFTE Heat
Outer Lid: BFTE Harvest
Crease: BFTE Rockstar with a little of Fyrinnae's STFU blended in
Highlight: BFTE Canyon
Liner: Fyrinnae Dressed to Kill

That's all for today, thanks for reading!

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  1. Aww, I got excited over Seduction but looks so sheer. :/

  2. It might just be the lighting... plus, my swatch was on bare skin, no primer!These were all super smooth metallic colors with no chunky sparkles, so they are definitely more shimmery than sparkly.

  3. I really love both looks. Gold is great with your eyes.

  4. Those colors from BFTE look amazing! Love how the first look turned out! Ornamental is a beautiful highlight shade!

  5. Thanks you guys! Autumn-ish colors are definitely my favorites :)


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