Dreadfully Delayed HoG Review

Terribly sorry for the lack of posts this week. I had a cold and was rendered unable to smell anything or take a decent picture. Nothing was more frustrating than having picked up my Haus of Gloi package from the post office, opening it with glee, and then muttering with confusion, "it doesn't smell like much." Quickly I realized that I'd been sneezing all day, feeling generally "meh", and had no appetite. Therefore, the problem was me, not my order! So I decided to wait it out until I could actually smell these with any degree of accuracy.

This is just a little order, and some are scents I've already reviewed, so I will pass over them briefly.

I got:

Whipped Soap in Pumpkin Eater
Lip Balm in Pumpkin Cheesecake
Moon Dog Pumpkin Butter sample
Honey Tree Emulsifying Scrub sample
Depravity Bubbling Scrub Sample
free sample of Peaches and Cream Gumball

I was really eager to try the whipped soap. Unfortunately, when I got it, it looked like it had melted and re-solidified at some point. I don't fault HoG for this at all, as the temperature had been quite cool when I ordered and then was around 80 again around the time I received it. It looked a little sad:

But all I had to do was stir it with a spoon vigorously and it came back to life. See? Much better!

Plus it was such a yummy orange hue and had little bits of spices in it, so it was quite rustic looking. It smells more straight, classic pumpkin spice than Pumpkin Queen does, and has a definite buttery note as well.This really smells and looks like an edible concoction, I have to remind myself to refrain from tasting every time I use it! It is quite dense and creamy, like a rich butter cream frosting, but it foams up magically when using a bath
pouf-y thing. It did deflate a little when I stirred it, so it lost some volume, but it still works fine. I even tried using it as a shaving cream and it performed well. Since the container is fairly small (3 ounces by weight in a six ounce jar) that would not be very practical or cost-effective for regular usage, but it's nice to know I could use it in a pinch. I wish they sold the General Catalog scents in whipped soap too!

The lip balm is great, reminiscent of Pumpkin Eater in scent, and is moisturizing, non-greasy, and colorless. I love the seasonal flavor options, too!

Depravity is a scent I hadn't tried before. When I opened the jar when I was sick, all I could smell was a fruity wine scent. Once I got better though and used it in the shower, it bloomed to include a wonderful spicy note sort of like Moon Dog, which is really growing on me. I think I want to get  Moon Dog in a perfume at some point. It has such an interesting, mature coconut scent, but not a tropical, super-sweet, drink-with-an-umbrella-in-it coconut, but dry, woodsy, spicy. Fantastic. Honey Tree in scrub form smells pretty much the same as the perfume, perhaps a little less potent on the initial notes. For me, it's a hate it and love it scent. I hate it at first, and then when it mellows out, I love it!

I am definitely not a Peaches and Cream type person, so I didn't even try it. I think I may just put the sample in someone's stocking this year.

That's all for today; thanks for reading!

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