Solstice Scents: I Feel an Addiction Coming On

I've already written a somewhat massive First Impressions review of Solstice Scents, so if you are new to the company, please check it out here. My perception has only gotten more positive with my second order, which I received last Monday, 9/26. I ordered on 9/22, which makes the TAT just ridiculously fast. I was truthfully surprised to get my box so quickly. But it's what's inside the box that really matters. First, the packaging was gorgeous: lots of Halloween paper fill, leaves, moss, and putka pods (those little pumpkin-looking thingys). I didn't look too closely in my last order and really thought they were little craft pumpkins like you might pick up at Michael's Crafts. It was so neat to realize they were natural!

The packaging is lovely, but the actual products are impressing me more and more. I ordered a 3 piece perfume sampler, the Oatmeal, Coconut, Milk, and Honey Mask, Body Ganache in Manor, Manor Perfume, and Crumbling Crypt Bath Salts.
Here is my order:

Now, if you're uber-observant you might notice that I have 4 more perfume samples than I mentioned getting, the 3 piece sampler. That's because Angela threw in 2 extra samples on top of the one you automatically get with every order because they accidentally left out my extra-extra sample from my first order. Which I totally never expected them to do, but I certainly wouldn't argue with more perfume goodness being sent my way. So that makes 6. And then, just because they are
awesome, I got another bonus sample of Conjure. And Angela must have been able to predict my perfume tastes because Conjure is BLISSFUL. Must. Have. Full. Size. Now.

So, here are the Bath Salts, topped with a bit of moss:

If you've tried Wail of the Banshee whipped soap and like that, you will love Crumbling Crypt. It is a very dark, earthy, mossy
 scent. It is also an amazingly authentic scent, not a cutesy, pretty, impression-of-woods  smell, but... lonely, dank, isolated, sharp, a true earth smell. Just amazing. I use just a few sprinkles and it's enough to scent the whole tub. I want this to last, so I'm going to use it sparingly.

And here is the facial mask (I'd already used it once before I took this picture!):

Before SS I was trepidatious buying any sort of facial product from an independent brand sight-unseen, because my skin is so sensitive and prone to freaking out. But the description sounded knowledgeable and the ingredients beneficial and gentle. In fact, for years I've made my own oatmeal, honey, and milk masks during the winter if my skin got itchy or irritated. It is a pretty messy venture. So I thought I'd give SS's more convenient powdered version a try.

This powder has
slightly milky, oatmeal-y scent, and once you add a bit of water it turns into a
 paste. You can see the actual bits of oatmeal but they are small enough that you don't have to worry about huge chunks drying and flaking off (a problem I had when I whipped up my own masks and never thought to run the oats through a food processor first, ha). It is soothing and didn't bother my skin at all. This will be great for me during the winter when I want a break from my more intense Boscia Black Mask.

        I want full sizes of 1 or 10 of the perfumes I've tried but decided that Manor was my immediate, most pressing priority, so I got the full sized perfume roll on and the ganache. The ganache is very thick and creamy, and takes a second to soak in, but it doesn't end up feeling greasy and it smells fantastic. The website mentions that because the ganaches contain cocoa butter the lotions might have a slight chocolate scent temporarily before the perfume part takes over. This is NOT a negative for me! It does have a light milk chocolate scent at first. It smells almost like CoCo Wheats, or the milk left over from your bowl of Cocoa Puffs. It smells utterly delicious, not at all overpowering.

And finally , the perfume samples I tried:

A Magical Blend of Vanilla, Amber, Cedar, Spices & Cauldron Smoke

Insanely gorgeous scent. It is very light and upon cold sniff it couldn't compete with the heavier scents I'd been sampling, so I couldn't smell much. It wasn't until later when my palate was clear that I could really smell it. It's soft and slightly powdery, but sweetly sexy too because of the smoke note. It lasts for hours on my skin. It's on my list of must-haves.

Oak, White Carnation, Oakmoss, Egyptian Musk & Vanilla

This is a perfect spring scent, much more traditionally floral-perfume-y
than the other scents I've tried. Pretty and refined. It reminds me of stepping into a Crabtree and Evelyn shop, sort of lily of the valley meets hyacinth meets violet meets the teensiest whiff of musk.

Pumpkin Spice Latte:
Sweet Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Gingerbread Whipped Cream & A Drop of Nutmeg

What real pumpkin spice lattes were meant to taste like but never knew how.
  This is very literal foodie scent, so more something I would use as a lotion on my feet before going to bed rather than a perfume I'd wear out. A comforting, well-rounded coffee/pumpkin scent.

Jack and the Devil:
Vanilla, Tobacco, Oakmoss, Amber, Patchouli, Sweet Pumpkin & Soft Spice

The first thing I smell upon cold sniff is banana bread. I have no idea why. It's not pumpkin bread, it's definitely banana bread, and it is good. VERY good. But the banana smell quickly fades on the skin and becomes a perfectly balanced mixture of pumpkin, patchouli, tobacco leaf, spices and whatever else is in there that makes it smell so bloody amazing.   Another must have.

Astral Temple:
Sensual Amber, Ginger, Orange & Clove Will Have You Soaring To View Your Akashic Records

I am normally vehemently against strong citrusy scents in my perfume, but I love clove and ginger, especially combined with oranges. It reminds me of making orange and clove pomanders, rolling them in spices and then baking them in the oven at a low temperature until they were dry and ready to be tossed with some potpourri. Astral Temple smells like one of these pomanders upon cold sniff, but only when they're fresh, and smell more like orange than clove. On the skin the ingredients merge so well that you can't distinguish between those elements; they blend into something totally different. It reminds me of Christmas, because of the pomander memory, but it would be great year-round. On the must-have list.

Amber Rose Petals:
Warm, Rich, Golden Amber Fragrance, Rose Fragrance & Rose Essential Oil

Just what the name says. I love rose, and I love warm amber notes. This combines them expertly. It is simple and straight-forward, but a lovely twist on the classic rose scent.

Shoikan Grove:
Dark Woods, A Warning Distant Fire On The Winds, Fresh Evergreens & A Soft Deceptive Sweetness

This is one of the scents I love the concept of. It doesn't evoke a reaction when applied like "OMG, I smell soooooo good." It's more a sense of..."Hmmm, that is is really interesting." I love evergreen and fir scents, but I guess I like them more as home scents. It smells like a cold winter night in the woods, and just like Angela's description, there is something barren and isolated and slightly unnerving about it. But still, something in the evergreen trees provides a comfort and a sense of lingering life. It is brisk, sharp, and atmospheric at first, then mellows out over time. I think I would like this as a soap or bath salt, but it doesn't mesh well with my style as a perfume. Just like I enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender, but not as a perfume. That is the same feeling I get from Shoikan Grove: fascinating scent, just not on my skin.

And finally, an exercise in re-purposing. I'm responsible for displays at my branch, and I also design all the signage, flyers, banners, etc. It's technically not in my job description, but it's something I just end up being volunteered for because my co-workers think I have an aptitude for it. I'm not complaining though because it allows me to be creative and it's definitely my favorite aspect of my job. So I did an Autumn display this month and decided to incorporate the cute paper fill that SS sends in its packages. It turned out pretty well!


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  1. Awesomeness! I love your descriptions :) Conjure, Shoikan Grove are right up my alley! I also see you got full size of Manor. Now there is no excuse for me not to try SS!
    Love your display! You are so creative! x

  2. Yay for more Solstice Scents! I'm definitely a huge fan of their fragrances. And Manor is also my favorite :) Such unique, well done fragrances. Along with great packaging! I can't get enough! Thanks for the review!

  3. Wow, these sound amazing! I've never had anything from Solstice Scents before, but they sound unique.

  4. Thanks everybody! I highly recommend them, the products are wonderful and customer service is steller!


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