And Now, Back to My Regularly Scheduled Reality...

So, in my last post I described the great time G and I had on our weekend minibreak. Here is where the story continues...

Walking in the front door after our 3 hour trip home, the second I set down my bag I heard a strange drip-drip sound coming from our utility/pantry/computer room. What do you think greeted me? Why, a water heater that was leaking all over the floor, dangerously close to computer cords, of course! NOT my idea of a swell welcome home. So, no taking off of shoes, no lighting a few candles and relaxing after unpacking, we had to march right out and track down our apartment maintenance people and let them know what happened. They shut off the water, which stopped the immediate problem. The other problem was that our ancient water heater (from 1980, I was later told) was installed on some ramshackle old wooden box apparatus, and the water had completed soaked through the box, and it was now falling apart and leaning to one side. The side of our computer desk was the only thing keeping the whole business upright. Excellent. So then we had to get my dad to come over, unhook all the computer equipment, and lug everything into the living room. My parents had been over to feed Maisy during the weekend and hadn't noticed anything, so I'm guessing it had only been leaking for a day or less. It could have been much worse.

I had already scheduled to take that Monday off, which was lucky because I wanted to be there for maintenance to come out and replace the thing that morning. It was supposed to be my day to sleep in, work on some other projects, generally have some Liber Vix time to myself. Instead, I got up around 7:45, expecting them "first thing in the morning". No shower for me either; I was not in the mood to boil pots of water to bathe. I had already had enough Amish-esque fun that weekend! So, "first thing in the morning" turned into noon, and they were out for about 5 hours or so replacing the monstrosity.

 So great, we had hot water again, which was awesome. But the maintenance guy decided that something was wrong with our toilet while he was working, and decided to fiddle with it. Why exactly, I don't know. It seemed to have been working fine. But afterwards, what used to take about 30 seconds for the toilet to stop running turned into a solid couple of minutes, and the whole tank practically would empty before the flapper valve closed, if it closed at all. It did this for almost a week until Sunday around midnight. G was in the bathroom, flushed the toilet, and as he described it, water overflowed from the toilet like a geyser, completely flooding the bathroom. I ran in there, saw that the damn valve hadn't closed, closed it, and the toilet kept on running until it was good and ready to stop.

So I'm flipping out, piling all of our towels on the floor, trying to keep it from moving into the carpeted hallway. I'm mad and yelling, pissed that all of these rotten things seemed to be going on with the apartment, and I'm cleaning up behind the door. G can't see me, and he pushes the bathroom door open to get in to help, knocking me straight in the head, hard. So now I'm crying, pissed, and trying to clean up the mess, taking the towels outside where it was quite cold, trying to wring them out and salvage them. This was NOT a good day.

Now I'm sitting here,taking a much needed day off, waiting once again for the maintenance staff to come over and fix something that they messed up, hoping that the water did not get under the tile or ruin anything. Gah. My head still hurts.

P.S.: Maintenance guy has come out and seems to have fixed the problem,no serious damage that he could see, and even fixed some kitchen drawers that had been broken. And this is all finished before 1 PM so I still have several hours of Liber Vix time to myself before G gets home. Feeling a little better now. Hoping that nothing else around here explodes or gushes water everywhere. For a while there I was feeling like I was in the middle of The Ring, and I was going to walk into the living room and see a puddle of water around the TV right before I bit the big one.

Now soon I can get back to fun beauty stuff!

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  1. Geez, what a horrible experience to come back to after a break! Here's hoping everything is fixed and back to normal now.

  2. Thanks for reading my rant! I tend to have sudden short periods of insanely bad luck before everything goes back to normal, so hopefully I've filled my quota for awhile, lol!

  3. What an awful experience. The water heater went out in my home a few years back. It was pretty bad, and water had to be heated to bathe with. The water overflowing in your case is even worse and such a huge hassle. :/

    I hope everything is really fixed this time around.

    and hello. I've been lurking at your blog for a while and have decided to come out of hiding and comment. :)

  4. Hello back, and thanks for commenting! I guess we're lucky in that we live in an apartment and did not have to pay for those repairs out of pocket. I too went through a period of heating bathing water when I was still living with my parents. They were going through some rough times financially and we went without heat/hot water for about 4-5 months. It was a pretty wretched experience and gave me serious impetus to move out! I had no desire to relive any of that and I'm grateful they fixed things fairly quickly, and all seems to be well now *fingers crossed!*


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