Birchbox-November 2011

I got my November Birchbox,and I must say I am pretty stoked about this one.
 Upon scanning the list of possible boxes here, I decided that #21 was the box I wanted to get most, so that part was a total win as that's the box I got!

Apparently I got one of the coveted Baublebar boxes. They also had a promotion recently where the first 10,000 customers to earn the most points during a set time range would receive a Baublebar bracelet. I hadn't even heard of it though, and didn't do anything but my usual quick reviews of everything I got in my Birchboxes. So it was very cool to have "won" this without even knowing it!

Here's what I got:

I have been needing a new eye makeup remover, so the Klorane came at a perfect time.
Love body scrubs, eager to try that. During the winter my hair gets ridiculously staticky so I welcome anything that might possibly get that under control...cue Oscar Blandi.
I know I've complained before that I keep getting nail polishes in my Birchboxes, which are of little use to me due to the pathetic state of my ragged bitten nails, but the one I received, Noel, is really just gorgeous. I'd like to wear it, so I may *try* to grow my nails into stubs just barely suitable for polishing. Plus my mom got Zoya in her Birchbox, and she didn't want it, so I also got Holly, which is this insanely festive metallic green. Green is my color, so I really want to try this one too.

And I also know I bitched in another review that Birchbox really shouldn't put food items in our boxes, due to possible allergies, possibility of melting/other grossness, etc., but I'm going to rock my inner hypocrite right now and add an food products, unless they're exotic, spicy, salty, pop rocking chocolate! I have had a Firecracker bar before, and I am so excited that Birchbox has added them to their brands. I am very tempted to buy some of their Chocopod samplers from the Birchbox site. Firecracker is supremely nomtastic, and the other flavors sound divine as well.

Plus the Baublebar, while not something I would intentionally go out and buy myself, is actually pretty cute. I don't really wear bracelets, but this one is surprisingly wearable. The one sparkly bead gives it a little bling without being gaudy or over the top, and it's nice that the rest is kept simple. I will definitely wear this.

It feels nice to be excited about Birchbox again!

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  1. Nice! I like the look of that Zoya polish.

  2. Awesome haul! I wish there was a box of just makeup and cosmetics, I'd be all over it!

  3. That's a really sweet selection. The bracelet is very pretty.

  4. Heya, I've given you a blog award! Because you rock.


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