Ganaches, Glaces, and Scrubs, Oh My!

Yep, more Solstice Scents to share with you all today. I got this order a couple weeks ago and got a wee bit sidetracked, but now I'm ready to write all about it!

My order arrived amazingly quickly. I want to say I ordered on a Friday and received on a Tuesday. Packaging was darling as always!

Here's what I got:

Burnishing Glace in Gehenna and Jack and the Devil
Sugared Amber Whipped Cleansing Scrub in Fruit Cellar
Body Ganache in Monster Mash
Whipped Soap in Banana Nut Bread
Sample Perfume in Blackburn Farmstead

Yeah, I know, I seem to have acquired a little "problem". We won't speak of it.

A Blend of Mahogany, Amber, Vanilla, Black Pepper & All Spice
Upon cold sniff, I did not like Monster Mash one iota. I ordered it because it was Deal of the Day and the description sounded interesting. I don't know exactly why I didn't like it, but it just smelled so..unusual. Somewhat dirty and primal, per the description, sort of like a hunky werewolf that had spent the night pillaging the village. But, upon wearing it and giving it a chance, it started to grow on me. It still had that masculine note that I'm guessing is the mahogany or pepper, but it also brought to mind the image of suited gentleman retiring to a dark paneled library filled with leather armchairs for brandy, cigars, and conversation. A combination of sexy dirtiness and refinement, with a touch of vanilla at the end. Not a scent I will necessarily order again (though I could always change my mind) but I can definitely appreciate it and enjoy the lotion.

The Fruit Cellar scrub is totally entertaining. It didn't smell as in-your-face fruity as I expected, it was mild and made more "real" by the brown sugary note that invoked baked pies and such, a more autumnal fruity smell. What really entertains me is the texture. It is this fascinating supersaturated solution, dense and spongy. You can press on it and leave a little indentation. I won't tell you how many minutes I spent simply poking and giggling at this scrub.

Hee, Hee
You have to use a little more force to dig it out of the jar, and once you get it out it holds it shape well, you can even mold it in your hands or roll it in a ball.

Once you add water and warmth though it turns into an excellent scrub, it doesn't melt the second water hits it, and it's very scrubby. It's not super foamy though,
 so I still use soap with it. I would love to try these in more scents!

I love banana bread, so I was so excited to get the whipped soap. Upon cold sniff though, at first inhaling, I got an unpleasant nut and soap smell. Like a distinct soap and distinct nut scent, like they hadn't quite blended together properly and smelled a little "off" before I caught a whiff of the banana bread part and the inhalation ended up smelling just like I'd expect banana bread soap to smell. I think maybe the product was so new (it was from their limited Gourmand Collection) that the scents hadn't quite melded together, because over the next few days that sort of jarring soap-nut note faded and it was all good. Maybe I was extra sensitive to it because I prefer my banana bread sans nuts, anyway. Ha.

Onto the glaces:
 if you are on a budget and can't afford to buy all the layering products, I highly recommend the glaces. I daresay the fragrance contained in these bottles is as potent if not more potent than the actual perfumes. Plus, you can use them as a bath oil, a body spray,  a light smoothing oil spray for you hair (it contains argan oil), so you get all the benefits of a long lasting fragrance plus the layering effect of a moisturizer, body spray, etc.

And I will also say that Jack and the Devil has turned into one of my favorite scents of all time. I am so ready to add it to my sidebar list of favorite scents. In fact, I may do that right now. I mean, the glace is fantastic, but I want this scent in every possible product formulation imaginable. It is the perfect balance of comforting, home-spun, and dirty-sexy-I just-rolled-around-in-the-hay smell. ADORE. THIS. SCENT.

Only one caveat. I seem to have a slight sensitivity to the glace. The first time using it, I made the mistake of applying it directly out of the shower, and my legs turned bright red and blotchy in that familiar pissed-off skin sort of way. It dissipated fairly quickly though and the next day I waited until I was fully dry before carefully trying again.
No reaction.
Lesson for the kiddies: always use caution using body
products with essential oils when the pores are still open, or in areas that get reduced air-flow (i.e. insides of the arms). The product description does state that it contains oakmoss which some people are sensitive to. I've never knowingly had a reaction to that ingredient before, but since I'm sensitive to cinnamon oil I wouldn't rule anything out. Even if I couldn't use the product on my skin,  it is wonderful as a light mist for my hair. This stuff is not greasy at all. I have breakout prone skin, and fine hair, and was concerned about any extra oiliness, but there is none. The Jack and the Devil in particular does have a darker hue however so I wouldn't spray this directly near light colored clothing.

This is immediately upon spraying Gehenna on my hand (I did this at short range so you can actually see it, from a distance the mist is much finer):

Then, upon rubbing it in: only a very slight sheen, no greasy feel at all!

Finally, for my sample I chose Blackburn Farmstead, which was also part of the Gourmand Collection. If you like berry scents, you will love this! It is Thornwood Thicket's sweet and innocent twin: jammy, creamy, vanilla-y and just a touch musky, but not obnoxiously so. At first I liked this in a passive sort of way, and set it aside for a while to try other products. I came back to it the other day and it seemed to have developed more. These scents do seem to age well with time and become richer and more nuanced. I liked it so much I thought I'd try my Thornwood Thicket sample again, and suddenly I realized that I needed it in a full size...right now. It is strange because I just don't gravitate towards berry scents, they can be done so badly and end up smelling like cheap candles or air fresheners. But Blackburn Farmstead, while very berry, doesn't do that for me, and the incense dry-down of Thornwood Thicket is utterly to die for. The initial berry note is just a touch intense, but in mere minutes it starts to work its magic on me. Sometimes, scents just work for you, and you can't really explain why or how. They become something that you wear, rather than the scent wearing you, and it just becomes an extension of yourself. Like you just wake up in the morning smelling like it naturally. Another lesson for the kiddies: always keep an open mind and don't discount scents out of the vial. You never know, they may end up liking your skin in exciting and mysterious ways!

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  1. Thanks for the SS review. I also had a vial called Jack and the Devil, and I thought, hmmmmm, this is really sexy...i like!

  2. Yay for more Solstice Scents! You know, I agree with you about something being up with the burnishing glaces. I get a bit of a minor "burning" or skin irritation when I apply it to sensitieve areas on my skin. But it is a wonderful product. You are right that it is not greasy at all! I think I may have to go place another order and pick up some stuff for Christmas presents! Thanks for the review!

  3. @The Peach: Luckily it was only the one time, and only after I used it right out of the shower. Now I am using it strictly after I've dried off totally so my skin doesn't absorb as much. The scent is so strong I really only need a spritz on each arm and leg for the fragrance to last all day. EOs are potent ingredients, I wonder if perhaps they are more concentrated in the glaces than say, lotions or soaps, and maybe that could lead to a higher likelihood of a reaction. Not sure on that one. Oh, and the Yule release should be coming up pretty soon..totally stoked to see what she'll have :)


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