One Last Autumnal Hurrah


I honestly wasn't even going to review this latest haul from Solstice Scents because there were only two products that I hadn't smelled before. But of course I was so in love with everything I got I just have to share it. Here's what I got:

Blackburn Farmstead Ganache
Blueberry Muffin Batter Whipped Soap
Conjure Perfume
Thornwood Thicket Perfume
Sample in Basilica

This order was mostly to get the Autumn scents I really wanted before they disappeared for the year(Autumn has gone by entirely too quickly. I think I could live quite happily in a perpetual state of Autumn-hood). I've also never considered myself a berry person, but this order was berry overload, and totally amazing!

The Blueberry Muffin Batter Whipped Soap literally looks and feels and smells like muffin batter. I REALLY wanted muffins after smelling this. The addition of blueberry seeds and flecks of vanilla bean just take this soap to another level of yumminess and authenticity.

The Blackburn Farmstead ganache is very light, sweet and berry-ish, but with a vanilla note that gives it the air of ripe berries topped with sweetened whipped cream. For me it's the perfect foil to Thornwood Thicket which has the darker incense note I love.

Finally, my sample of Basilica. I got this mostly out of curiosity. I attended Catholic schools from first to twelfth grades, so I spent my fair share of time in Catholic churches. I was the child who would defiantly tune out the priest's hopelessly boring homilies but was entranced by my childhood church's architecture, art, and scent. My eyes would wander over the displays of glowing prayer candles guarded by ancient, paint-chipped statues, the lingering smoky scent of incense, the stained glass windows, the mysterious Latin phrases adorning the impossibly high cathedral ceiling. I was fascinated by the mystery and the history much more than the doctrine. I haven't stepped inside a church in over 10 years, but smelling Basilica was like not a moment had passed, and brought back the things I loved about that time. It's the smell of antiquity, regal yet worn by the passage of time. It reminded me of Christmas Eve midnight Mass, the sounds of carols drifting down from the choir loft, and the huge nativity scene that emerged without fail every year. I remember looking up at the night sky after emerging from Mass, watching the falling snow illuminated by the streetlights and I was wholly awed and mesmerized and believed in magic. Or perhaps I was simply looking for Santa. Either way, this scent managed to bring all of that back for me. All of that, and that was my free sample. An absolute steal, I'd say.

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  1. Yay! Have you got anything from the winter collection yet? I got my samples last Friday. I am IN LOVE with Snowshoe Pass! And Flintlock is another fave! I have full sizes on order and want to get some of the ganache and glace of Snowshoe Pass when they come back in stock!

  2. I put my order in yesterday, and it shipped yesterday as well! Got a 10 sample set(not all winter scents) and the spiced cranberry and spruce soap. Got a couple things from the Cyber Monday sale too. This is just my
    testing-everything-out order, then I'll decide what I need more of, lol!


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