1 AM Christmas Morning

What am I doing up? Guess I'm running on baking adrenaline. G is already tucked in for his long winter's nap and I've quietly filled his stocking with candy, as if he needs any after the obscene amount of goodies I've made this week. Maisy's got some treats and a new stuffed flying squirrel toy in her stocking (yes, my cat has a stocking, don't judge me). She will undoubtedly play with it for five minutes before she loses it to the place where all her buggy babies, ball-balls, and missing socks go, some alternate dimension perhaps.

This week I've made jam pinwheel cookies, salted caramel chocolate cookies, cranberry chocolate gingerbread cookies, shortbread, homemade peanut butter cups and peppermint patties (these are MUCH easier to make than you'd expect and even better than the brand name kind), a yule log that sadly fell apart and was quickly (and quite brilliantly on my part I must say) broken up and turned into a trifle, mint meringue cookies, fudge filled cookie cutters, apple cheesecake bars, and Kahlua marshmallows. I should have taken some pictures and done some Nomtastic posts on everything I've made, but I've "had my game face on" as G would say and been busting my hump to get it all done. And it is all done, except the marshmallows are still curing and the goodies have to all be separated into gift bags for the family get-together tomorrow (G's family, not my crazy one, which will *fingers crossed* get together Monday.) But that will wait till morning. Oh wait, it is morning. Well, it can wait a little longer.

Because now, I am doing nothing. Sitting here with my Bliss face mask on and enjoying the lights of our little Christmas tree and watching A Christmas Story for the umpteenth time. Excited because I know my dad got me the camera I've been wanting forever. It's a Canon Powershot A3300, which is still just a basic point and shoot, but it has good reviews and I'm certain it will be better than the one I have.

Ok, so enough rambling, I know I meant to post for a reason: My Christmas Eye look! Classic green, red, and white. Super simple too, using only 4 colors, all BFTE:

Inner Lid and Highlight: Moonlight
Outer Lid: Pegasus
Crease: Vamp
Liner: My Pretty applied wet over black cream liner

Goodnight everyone!

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  1. Wow! You have done a ton of baking! Everything sounds so good! And marshmallows?! Look at you go! Would have loved to seen pics of all of this! Beautiful makeup! Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks Peach, hope you have a great one too! I went ahead and took some pictures of everything I made so I will at least post those soon :)

  3. The baking sounds delicious. Mmm... at shortbread.

    You look beautiful. Hope you had a great Christmas.

  4. I hope you had a lovely Christmas! No wonder you were still awake, high on baking adrenaline :) I bet everything was delicious.

    Your makeup looks really pretty. Did you use the Urban Decay Bourbon liner in this look? I've been wanting to get that particular liner for a while but have a hard time justifying it when I don't make myself up that often.

  5. @Iris: Thanks! I've never made shortbread before, and G's Scottish dad declared it "brilliant"...and I do think it turned out pretty yummy!

    @Lynda: Nope, didn't use Bourbon here, but I think it makes an excellent neutral liner, the brown has some pretty gold sparkles in it too. I'm really happy I bought it. The set of both Ransom and Bourbon was only 14 dollars for the mini sizes (which are pretty big to me actually), hopefully it's still available via Sephora. I would go for it!

  6. Gorgeous look. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  7. I have missed reading your blog!
    You look very beautiful! Just love the shimmer and I agree the eyeliner goes so very well with the look. Pretty :) I really like your clockwork necklace.

    OMG, you have been busy baking and oh yes, nomtastic! Please show us what you bake next time so that we all can drool on our key boards :D


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