BFTE Cyber Monday Goodies

Well, this is a little pathetic, but I'm just now getting to posting about my wee BFTE Cyber Monday haul. I think because it's been so cloudy/rainy/gloomy lately I haven't been able to get many decent pictures of the looks I've done with these colors, which are all full of win, per usual. I didn't get much, but I couldn't resist 40% off!

Here's what I got:

Dew Drop, Heat, Jumping Bean
Upper two: Bubbly, Super Nova
Bottom two: Avoid the Mistletoe, Hitchcock

I did some swatches, but I'd advise you to just ignore them, as they blow. Cursed camera, and cursed elusive sun! These are so much prettier and sparklier than they appear. Jumping Bean, a limited shade, is a great crease color, and appears to be a matte taupe, but actually has a very faint sheen that can be buffed out, as well as light pink sparkles.

Jumping Bean, Heat, Dew Drop

Bubbly, Super Nova, Hitchcock, Avoid the Mistletoe

Bubbly is somewhat similar to Fyrinnae's Rapunzel Had Extensions, in that it is a light pink with a golden sheen. Bubbly is more pale baby pink and Rapunzel is more salmon-pink and sparklier, but it is what Bubbly reminded me of at first swatch.

Oh, and if you need a Christmas-y color, Super Nova fits the bill. It's a little lighter than BFTE's Vamp, but has gorgeous green sparkles. LOVE!

And if you need any reminding as to the benefits of primer, here are Super Nova, Hitchcock, and Avoid the Mistletoe swatched side by side, on the right with Too Faced Shadow Insurance and on the right with bare skin. Even with my diabolical camera you can tell a difference! Those sparkles want to stick around, people, help them along!

And finally, a look I did this week for my branch's annual holiday party. It's Christmasy without being over-the-top obvious as such. Here's what I used, all BFTE!

Lid: Autumn and Glimpse
Crease: Super Nova and Vamp
Highlight: Canyon
Liners: Treason and Avoid the Mistletoe

You can't tell as much in these pics, but Treason has a gorgeous blackend green tone to it which stands out more in person, so with this look you've got the green, red, and gold covered. Plus I think the red really helps the green in my eyes pop! This has turned into my go-to look this month.

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  1. I still haven't tried anything from BFTE. Not sure why... LOVE the look you did! The lower lashline is awesome!

    And no, the glitter in the Black Christmas soap doesn't make a mess :) There is just a little bit of glitter on the top layer and it washes away fast!

  2. Absolutely stunning! Your eyes really do pop.

  3. Great Look. I love the lips color.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @Leira Yann: If I recall correctly, I'm wearing Buxom lip gloss in Ginger if you're curious.

    @Peach: Oh, try BFTE, they are the first indie brand I tried and are still my favorite for eyeshadows. The facebook community is so fun and the customer service is top notch!

  5. Love the gold combo on you, just beautiful!
    Those eyeshadows remind me of MAC metal crush pigment stacks :)


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