Haus of Gloi: Yule 2011

I've managed to make two Haus of Gloi Yule orders already this year, so this will be a dual post, as I just got another order today. Granted, some of the items I ordered are gifts, so I won't discuss them since I left them all pretty and wrapped up. Gloi's Yule scents are great, and I found several winners.

Here is my first order:

Sweet Potato Treat Whipped Soap
Snow Wolf Pumpkin Butter
Perfume samples in Parkin, Three Treasures, Snow Wolf and
 Insalata Nocturna free sample

The whipped soap arrived perfectly fluffy and luscious, with no melting issues like I had once before. Sweet Potato Treat smells divine, and I don't particularly even like sweet potatoes in casserole form. It's buttery, spicy, rich, positively decadent. I really have to force myself to get out of the shower when I use this.

Snow Wolf is very fresh and woodsy. It sort of reminds me of Shoikan Grove from Solstice Scents. They do share several similar notes, namely fir, cedar, frankincense, and vanilla. Snow Wolf seems to lean more towards a smoother frankincense note and Shoikan Grove more towards the sharp green notes. It's interesting though how perfumers can utilize similar notes, but still come up with unique, distinctive blends. Even though they smell somewhat connected, I could still blind-sniff either one and name each as either a HoG or a Solstice Scents product. As varied as the individual scents are, each brand seems to carry an olfactory calling card of sorts, a general aura that surrounds the products taken as a whole. But, like Shoikan Grove, I like the scent and will use it, but it's one of those scents that never seem to really merge with my chemistry and become a part of me, it very much maintains its own separate identity. I do prefer those scents that apply like a second skin, if that makes sense.

Three Treasures is a beautiful gold, frankincense, and myrrh scent. It can work as a unisex scent, and in fact I might buy some for my dad for Christmas. It seems like a universal, inoffensive scent that could work for lots of people. It's very light on me though, and I like a stronger sillage. I don't want to have to deliberately huff on my wrist in order to detect the scent. When I do catch a whiff of it though, it's lovely. I think I prefer Solstice Scents' version of that sort of exotic, precious gifts type scent though, Night Star. ( I will be reviewing my Winter order soon!)

Insalata Nocturna is more of a summer scent, which I've tried before as a scrub, so I was a little "meh" about it as my sample. It's very fresh and citrusy, with a fresh- from- the- garden feel. It's nice enough, just not where my interests lie right now.

Right now my interests lie with Parkin. Oh my. I love Parkin. It is in-your-face spicy ginger cakes, slightly nutty and rich with sweet icing. It has a touch of pleasurable bitterness from the treacle and oh, I just adore it. It makes me ridiculously hungry.

With my second order I got:

Bubbling Scrub in Hearth
Parkin Pumpkin Butter
Plotter's Breakfast free sample

I was thisclose to just getting the Parkin bubbling scrub as well, and purchased the Hearth scrub instead on a whim. I am so glad I did. It is incredibly comforting and memorable for me. The first thing I smelled was apples, fresh baked bread, a faint hint of spiced orange. How perfumers manage to make bath products smell like actual dough is beyond me, but it is so delicious. Then, I smelled it again, and it smelled somehow familiar. I had a memory flash of a movie theater. Not the movie theater I went to just last weekend, a very particular movie-going time I had as a child. I suppose because I was there so much, the smell of the theater permeated my brain. It was around Christmastime in 1990, and I was 9 years old, and totally enamored with Edward Scissorhands. I went to see that movie NINE times in the theater. Most of the times my mom took me, because she loved it too. It was a really good time, a great memory. That movie takes the cake as the movie I've seen the most times in the theater, and is still one of my top movies today. So, Hearth smelled like homey fruit and bread, and then, like the theater and slightly buttery popcorn, fresh soft pretzels, and fruity candy. Not overwhelmingly or cloyingly so, but it's there. You might not smell it, but that's what it's like for me. Plus, it's just so pretty:

Plotter's Breakfast is, like, a frontier scent. It's rugged and gunsmokey. You can indeed imagine a leathery older man hunched over his bowl of oatmeal at a rickety wooden table, huddled by the wood stove for warmth on a cold morning, enjoying a pipe before leaving for a long day of work outdoors. I love scents like this that tell stories.

I am definitely using Haus of Gloi and Solstice Scents for a large percentage of my Christmas gifts. I want to share the goodness!

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  1. For some reason I just haven't been too excited bout Haus of Gloi. Haven't ordered from them yet. Thanks for the review! The comparison to SS stuff helps! I placed another SS order yesterday to get some more Snowshoe Pass. I'm so in love with it!

  2. HoG is definitely more foodie-oriented, not as many dark scents as I'd like, and in a way not quite as complex as SS. But I really love the formulas for their products. I love SS's ganches, but I think I prefer HoG's Pumpkin Butter, (it soaks in a little faster and doesn't have that initial cocoa butter scent), plus their bubbling scrubs are wonderful! The whipped soaps are different from SS in that they feel more like a dense buttercream frosting as opposed to SS lighter whipped cream/mousse texture. It's totally worth trying!


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