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A few days ago I received a lovely pink-labeled package from my favorite indie makeup company, Beauty From the Earth. I figured it was time for me to take stock of my BFTE collection, because it has grown considerably since I first started squirrelling away their products in October of 2010.

First though, the order I just got and swatches!

Top: Victoria, Addicted, Kiss and Tell
Middle: Bat Wing, Spider Venom, Golden Age
Bottom: Chili Pepper, Treason, and Rockstar
The brushes were actually a back order from their Cyber Monday sale. The crease brush I ordered sold out before it could be removed as available on the website, and I asked Crystal (the owner) to just hold that portion of my order for me until the new brushes arrived. Time passed, and when I asked about them, she told me that she'd had trouble with the provider, who never shipped the brushes. Then, she very kindly offered me a refund or two brushes of my choice, so I told her she could just surprise me with whatever brushes she chose. These are what I got. Not a bad deal for just a minor inconvenience! Another reason why I love BFTE!

And onto swatches, all over bare skin:

Rockstar, Chili Pepper, Treason

Bat Wing, Golden Age, Spider Venom

Addicted, Victoria, Kiss and Tell
And rather than wax poetic about how gorgeous these all are (and they are), here is a look I did utilizing some of them. I'm going to call this one my " Long-Lost Fruity Tic-Tac" look. When I was little, and I mean, really little, I remember getting packs of Tic-Tacs that had grape, orange, and cherry flavors all mixed together. I'm not even positive they were the Tic-Tac brand, only that they looked like them, and were very yummy, and so pretty together. I haven't seen them in many a year, and I doubt they are around anymore. This color combination reminds me of them. So, my ode to Fruity Tic Tacs:

Lid: Golden Age, Chili Pepper, and Spider Venom
Liner: Bat Wing
Highlight: Kiss and Tell

And finally, my BFTE collection in its entirety:

Total: 128
(not counting free sample baggies)

Now, lest you get the wrong idea about me...does my makeup normally look this organized? Emphatically no. An hour before taking this picture this tackle box (which a friend very intuitively got me as a Christmas gift) was jumbled and filled with a variety of products so full I couldn't even close it. In the next few days it will probably look that way again, but I just wanted to organize everything long enough to take a nice picture and see what I have and what I need more of. I'm thinking, more boxes, since I've already outgrown this one!

Also, a fun fact: out of the 35 full size colors I own, I did not pay full price for a single one. All of them were either Color of the Week (full size at the sample price, $2.00) or prizes for various contests that BFTE holds. My modus operandi is to get samples, and then use my prize choices or COTWs to get the full sizes I want most. Even so, BFTE has gotten a considerable portion of my discretionary income over the past year or so.

I'm thinking since I do have a decent sized collection, I might do swatches for everything I own in a series of posts, and re-do ones I've done before for more consistency. Hope that will help those out who are curious about certain shades!

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  1. Love the fruity tic tac look, those colors work so well together! You have a ton of BFTE! I just still can't seem to get to excited over BFTE. One of these days I'll have to place an order just to see.

  2. Really, you should! They are the first indie brand I ever tried and still my favorite. I find their shadows the most consistently easy to work with and the colors are really so much prettier in person! Check out their facebook page too. A big part of why I like them is the active community there, all the contests and people posting their looks. It makes it much more fun that way. With your skills you could definitely be winning some contests there!

  3. Wow sweet collection! I love the container you're using. I've gotten most of my full sizes through COTW or 365 as well^^ I love the look and yay for brushes! I need to try some of BFTE's brushes, I was going to order the synthetic brush set but they were taken off the site before I could order :(

  4. @Emily: Thanks! Oh, I guess I should have posted my WHOLE BFTE collection, which also includes foundation, lashes, and one of the big brush sets (I forget which one it is, but it was the one with brown handles). Hope they get another set soon for you :)

  5. Gorgeous look and those colours are amazing on you.

    I've not paid much attention to BFTE. The last time I went to their site was years ago. Looks like the selection of colours has grown quite a bit. I really like Bat Wing.

    Lovely collection you've got there. :)

  6. These are lovely colours and that look is awesome! It's so bright and colourful, but really wearable. Your BTFE collection is somewhat disturbing (in a good way, of course).

  7. @Iris: They have been growing a lot! The selection now is just amazing.

    @Olgiepolgie: Yeah, when I look at it like that my collection IS a bit obscene! I just try to think that a lot of it has been free products and mostly samples, plus it's been a slow work in progress. And actually, I think there are people who post on FB that have upwards of 200-300 colors, so mine is just a "minor" addiction!


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