NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and Fyrinnae Lip Lustres

I recently picked up a few of the Soft Matte Lip Creams from NYX at Ulta and thought I would share some swatches with you. I also thought I would share my woefully small collection of Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres too, because they are initially what encouraged me to try the NYX Lip Creams. I really like the concept of both. Like Lip Lustres, the NYX version is not quite a gloss, not quite a lipstick, and creamier than a mere stain. I don't often wear matte lip colors either, so the Lip Creams were an interesting experiment. I was pleasantly surprised by how subtle and wearable the colors were. The Lip Lustres I have do have more shine and shimmer, especially Romantique.

These are not drying, though I recommend using a lip balm under them. I just find it easier to apply that way, plus I have horrendously dry lips so I have to be careful to exfoliate and use a heavy duty lip balm before any sort of color (I've been using Jack Black lip balms, and they really work well.) These do have the capacity to highlight any flakes, so be forewarned and take any necessary precautions.

The Lip Creams do have a fragrance to them, it's sort of like an impression of vanilla buttercream. Totally artificial but not wholly unpleasant. The Lip Lustres  have also have a scent that I cannot begin to place. If anybody knows, let me know. I'm not sure if I like it or not.

Here are the shades I got:

Left to Right: (NYX) San Paulo, Stockholm, Antwerp(Fyrinnae) Type A, Romantique

Please excuse the appearance of the Lip Lustres. They have been rolling around inside the black hole that is my purse and are a little worse for wear. There WERE labels with ingredients and whatnot, but they have long since worn off.

And...the colors on:



San Paulo


Type A

So, the downside to the Lip Creams is that dryness can be accentuated, though they do feel creamier in general than the Lip Lustres. You can see a little flakiness when I wore Stockholm, but once I washed it off and scrubbed a bit more the other colors cooperated better. The Lip Lustres at times apply a bit patchier and the formula seems slightly thinner. For me they don't last quite as long as the Lip Creams. I would always wear them with lip balm first as well. Color-wise, Romantique is like Rapunzel Had Extensions in lip form, so it's just stupid gorgeous. It's also really nice as a shimmery highlight for the center of your lips. Type A is a perfect darkened blood red. It can go on quite sheer though, as a very light stain over lip balm, or built up for a more intense effect. I think I prefer the Lip Creams formula wise, and the Lip Lustres for their colors. I would still consider both Vix Picks and definitely worth checking out.

Have you tried either of these? What did you think of them?

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  1. I have both, but only one of the nyx creams. I really like it, but I don't wear it as much because I like the darker or stranger lip colors. The texture of the nyx cream is kind of strange and it has an interesting look when I wear it. I'm interested in getting the bright red one, but I don't care about the other colors. Stockholm does look nice though. I love fyrinnae's lip lustres, mainly because of the more unique colors they do. I have diabolic masquerade, fanservice, very berry happy, coffin velvet and pierced. The last two I got recently so they have the new "scent", it smells like butter to me. It's kinda odd, but doesn't bother me. I really love the look of coffin velvet and pierced. They're "weird" colors but they look almost natural on me. I really love them. The newer formulation is much nicer and thicker too. The other 3 I have are older and tend to bleed a bit, especially diabolic. I really want romantique at some point as well.

  2. Well, now I want all of them. I have a couple of Fyrinnae lip lustres that I really like, but I've been intrigued by the NYX lip creams.

  3. I've only recently bought the Nyx Creams- because after their fail sale last year I vowed to NEVER buy from them again. However, I broke down.... I loved the matte colors, so I picked up San Paulo and Addis Ababa.... And holy cow, I love them both so much I want the rest.
    I find they apply easily- but the color tends to migrate outside my lip area, so I swipe concealer and a touch of balm on my lips, use a nude lip liner, and then apply the color. That way- it's much easier going on! One of these days I'll try a lip primer of some sort... When I get around to it... lol
    All these colors are very flattering on you. Nice lips! :)

  4. @PonPon: I love the more unusual colors in theory too, but I just never have occassions to wear them and I'm not sure if they work for me. I feel like they overwhelm my face in a way. That's why I like these sort of hybrid products because they are easier to apply subtly rather than an intense opaque lipstick or something. I do need to try more lip lustres! Butter..maybe that's the scent. It's quite odd, indeed.

    @Olgiepolgie: I think they are definitely worth trying out!

    @SnarkyP: I wasn't burned by that sale, but I too have been reluctant to buy from them just on principal. I've just recently started buying from them again. Yeah, they do migrate a bit, I tend to just blot a lot (blot a lot, heh)first, but I will try your trick too! Thanks!


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