Secret Santa Haul and Some Rambling

Note to self: New Year's Resolution is to be a better blogger, oh, and get more fit, less afraid, more organized, more evolved as a human being and figure out what bloody direction my life needs to start going in. But, until I get the guts to face all that, being a better blogger will do.

 Addendum to Resolution: stop apologizing when setbacks occur in blogging progress or when an unforeseen hiatus takes place. Nobody wants to read your long-winded explanations and excuses. Hello, bor-ing.

What y'all want to read about is what I got with my Secret Santa gift from G's sister: a Solstice Scents Gift Certificate, yo!

OK, just one more quick addendum: I wrote the Snark Bite before this post actually after writing this post, but I was so pleased with it I published it first. I know it sounds, um, well, snarky, but flaky people are one of my biggest pet peeves and I've had a few very annoying flake encounters lately that compelled me to write about them as a general demographic.

Oh, and one absence explanation (hopefully that doesn't seem hypocritical and, ha, flaky, since I did tell everyone last week what was up): mom was released from the hospital this past Sunday, seems to be doing a little better. Ended up not doing a feeding tube because it might have been too dangerous given the size of her stomach and general health. It was ridiculous how she was in the hospital for malnutrition and all the tests they were doing required her not eating or drinking for long periods of time, like 15+ hours! It was crazy, and her already tenuous and a'hem, challenging disposition was certainly NOT helped by that complication. Anyway, doctors tweaked her medications and supplements and are treating her for an ulcer, so hopefully that all will help. OK, time to move on and start talking about the things I love!

First , G and I got our new bed, and I really like it! My dad helped me build the platform. G is not technically inclined that way so it was good for me to learn how to do it. Even used a power drill (baby steps to the power drill...) It actually looks nice, and the mattress is so much better than our old one. It still hurts a bit if I sleep too long on my back, which is easy to do because with the memory foam you don't feel the need to change position much during the night. But it's easier to get in/out of, and feels generally more supportive. I think it was definitely worth what we paid for it.

When you open up the mattress package, you have to let it air out for a few days because it can contain some chemical fumes. We didn't notice any bad smells, but we left it in the living room for a few days just to make sure. And during this time, I came home to find some odd little snag marks in the otherwise pristine mattress, and I had my suspicions, but thought..."nah, impossible!"

And then...PROOF!

Yes, dear readers. Maine Coon cats are notorious for loving high places, and Maisy decided to use our bed as her personal jungle gym, leaving tell-tale little kitteh claw marks behind! I honestly didn't think a cat as, well, zaftig, as Maisy could be so nimble!

So, onto my most recent Solstice Scents order!

Here's what I got:

Sugared Amber Whipped Cleansing Scrub in Snowshoe Pass
Body Ganache in Conjure
Perfume Samples in Night Star, Spellbound Woods, Black Leather, Red Lace, and Travelers

This was just a little order because I was basically broke after the holidays and only wanted to use up the gift certificate. I ended up paying about 10 dollars, most of which was shipping, so not a bad deal.

I've already reviewed Conjure and Night Star and Snowshoe Pass here previously, so I will just comment on the scents that are new to me. I think I'm noticing a trend in the scents I'm going for, the elements I liked were ones I've been attracted to in other scents, and the notes I did not like much were also ones that have not worked for me before.

Spellbound Woods
A Soft, Incensy Blend of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar & Amber

This one did not strike me as a winner immediately upon cold-sniff and first application. It was just too soft to detect much. But then again, neither did Conjure. A few days into wearing it though, I'm realizing, damn, this smells pretty good. It reminds me of Conjure, they share many common notes though Conjure also has cauldron smoke, rose and clove essential oils, etc. They are both incensey and woodsy and lightly powdery. I'm not sure what the difference is that makes me want to buy more Spellbound Woods as a worthy stand-alone fragrance, perhaps it's even a bit softer than Conjure. I can't put my finger on it. But it's a winner. It's so incredibly inoffensive, I think it would be a safe bet as a gift to anybody that likes fragrance.

Black Leather, Red Lace
A Stirring Blend of Amber, Vanilla & Leather

This one clearly has two notes dominating, leather and vanilla. It's a softer version of the leather than I initially hated in Devil's Tongue. I perceive it as the scent of sun-baked plastic, don't ask me why, but that's what I smell. The vanilla that follows is nice (and SS does vanilla SO well), but the ultimate dry-down just doesn't work for me. I again can't describe what it is, but it just smells a little non-descript and blase'. If it could stay in the middle phase I would like this much more! Devil's Tongue had that awesome patchouli and tobacco element that saved it from being a fail on me, but there are too many fantastic SS perfumes for me to spend much more time with Black Leather, Red Lace, unfortunately.

A Blend of Amber, Clove & Frankincense

I think I can say with certainty that I am a fan of clove and frankincense! I luuuuuurve this scent. It reminds me distinctly of Astral Temple without the orange note, and while I really like Astral Temple, I think I like Travelers even more. The orange in Astral Temple sometimes is a bit much for me, and Travelers focuses on the spicy, clove-y goodness that I totally adore. Wish this was in leave-on products, but it is occasionally offered as a bar soap, so I will be on the look out for it. I think it could easily be paired with any of SS incensey or spicy scents without clashing too much.

That's all for today!

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  1. Yay for a new bed! I'm wondering if it's not time for my husband and I to invest in a new one. Your cat is awesome! I'm jealous you got the Snowshoe Pass sugar scrub! I was eyeing it, but I'm not quite ready for another order... I'm a fan of Conjure, but Spellbound Woods seemed like an 'okay' scent for met. I'm not too sure if I like Travlers, it is an interesting scent to me. I can't wait to place another SS order! Thanks for sharing your haul with us!

  2. Aren't kitty's wonderful? :) Mine would have done the same thing. Glad to hear your mom is going ok.
    I probably didn't give Spellbound Woods enough chance. I tried it once and felt it was too soft for me. I prefer scents a little darker, such as Conjure. Is this your first time using the sugar scrub from SS? I haven't tried it but I'm not a big user of scrub.

  3. @Peach: That's the funny thing with perfume oils, sometimes when I get them they initially don't smell like much, maybe they need to age a bit or something, I don't know. It's sort of bad for my budget because I end up loving far more scents than I end up hating! The scrub is really nice too, very true to the scent :) I needed a scrub and knew this one was limited, so...

    @Lynda: Thanks! She is the most awesome kitteh ever, even when she's tearing up our brand new bed! Yeah, Spellbound Woods smelled so soft at first, but I try to give each scent a couple days where that's the only thing I wear and really let it show what it can do. It grew on me, as most SS scents do! And I have used the scrubs before, they are wonderful! But, if you're not a big scrub person, I would try Haus of Gloi's Bubbling Scrubs, which are more sudsy than scrubby, because SS's are more scrubby than sudsy. I like to have both on hand :)

  4. I'm glad your mother is doing better.

    Aww... your cat is cute. :)

  5. I'm glad your Mom's getting better, and they're able to get her stronger. Maisie is adorable! I love kittehs, I've got three myself!
    And your memory foam bed looks like the Sarah Peyton one I got off of Overstock- and MAN I'm so happy with it! It's SO freaking comfy- the only kind of mattress I can sleep on now is MF. I'll never go back to a "normal" one. And I did the same thing- aired it out- and my cat decided to make it immediately her bed... She also left telltale "loops" from her claws in the covering.

    And those scents sound absolutely decadent... Definitely stuff I'd try out!

  6. @Iris: Thanks so much!

    @SnarkyP: Yeah, I love kittehs more than what's probably healthy! We got our bed on Overstock too, it's one of the Comfort Dreams ones. It was a little nervewracking buying one without trying it first, but money was a big issue and it was a really good deal. LOL..I guess kittehs just like marking their territory or something! Yes, I saw you like TMTM on Facebook. I haven't tried them yet, but plan to. I'm guessing you would like Solstice Scents too. The owner, Angela, is so nice and the customer service is impeccable :)


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