Well, the first crisis of 2012 appeareth. My mom had to be admitted to the hospital yesterday for what the doctors say is "bariatric starvation." She had bariatric surgery about 6 years ago and she never really seemed to adapt well to it. She lost weight, yes, but she has been unable to absorb nutrients properly or keep enough food down, so she has basically been wasting away. It has gotten much worse over the past few months. For several years there my parents were in a bad financial situation, my dad finally, thankfully, got approved recently for disability, and I know they probably hadn't been able to keep up with all the supplements and things she needed to be taking to stay healthy.

Dad said she weighed 113 last week and was at 105 yesterday, and she has been looking extremely unhealthy and gaunt. The lack of calcium has left her with bad osteoporosis, her eyesight has been deteriorating, and her legs have been swelling up, both of which can be caused by vitamin deficiencies. Wonder why it took doctors so long to figure this out and make the connection. My parents ended up going to see the doctor who performed the surgery initially, who postponed a planned vacation to see her, which says to me it was pretty serious and could have been irreparable left untreated much longer. So now she is in the hospital; I suppose they will have to give her a feeding tube to get calories in her and get her stabilized. Not sure exactly what happens from there. I haven't gone to see her yet, but dad says she is pissed at the world, and I know what that means. I feel like a prick for having been so upset with her over Thanksgiving, but if anyone can test the limits of your compassion, it's her.

I'm sure it will be OK, my family is no stranger to health problems and hospitalizations, so I'm less upset/surprised than one might normally be. It's sort of par for the course, but still...ugh.

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  1. I'm so sorry - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your family.

  2. That's awful. I hope all goes well.

  3. Thanks you guys for your concerns :) I know it's not all happy sparkly stuff but this blog is my general life outlet and while I never expect responses on rambling posts like this I'm always pleasantly surprised when I get them. I really do appreciate it.

  4. I hope it gets sorted and you mom feels better soon. I hope she gets some nutrition in (maybe through duodenal/jejunal tube rather than nasogastric) If you need any medical lingo translated or any help email me
    hugs xoxo

  5. Thanks so much Su, you're a sweetheart!


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