Love is In the Air...

3 Comments the form of nomtastic offerings from Solstice Scents ! Make a note everyone, the Valentine's Day Collection will go live on Monday 2/6 at 7 PM EST. Check out the scents/products here!

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  1. Ugh! I'm doing a February detox, so no buying for me. Guess this will have me ready for the release of the spring fragrances! Can't wait to see what you get from the Valentines fragrances. Black Forest sounds amazing! And I have a full size of Violet Truffle at home. Love it!

  2. You know, I'm really not that into the super sweet/chocolate/cherry/floral scents in theory, but somehow I know SS will make them awesome. Plus I just got some of HoG's Valentine's Day goodies and they are some my favorites scents of theirs, I'm totally surprised! I was expecting to coast through these releases without buying much...yeah, um, no.

  3. Do tell! which HoG valentine scent(s) are your favorites? I didn't buy any, but reading your comment I'm having second thoughts.

    I hope you win the SS contest. Her Black Forest sounds amazing!!


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