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So, I get to play against type once again. I really can't afford to keep loving all the scents I'm trying lately. I expected this time of year to be very "meh" in regards to my perfumery and save me a little moolah, but I keep getting Valentine's Day orders full of win. Stop it, Solstice Scents, just stop it. Can't your products suck, just once, ever? No? Well, thanks a lot.

No, really, thanks a lot, because my order rocked and made me rethink my Valentine's Day scent stereotyping.

I'm poorer for it, but I can live with that, because I smell yummy.

Anyway, here's what I got:

Whipped Body Ganache In Violet Truffle
Whipped Soap in Cherry Cordial
Perfume Samples in Violet Truffle, Cherry Vanilla Amberosia,
Nightgown, and Black Forest

Check out the packaging for this order: dried rose petals as the "garnish." I love how Angela chooses some garnish that corresponds with the season. This package was muy romantic.

Cherry Cordial
Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Maraschino Cherries & Black Cherry. Contains Cocoa Absolute.


I am not really a cherry kind of gal. Give me a box of chocolate covered cherries for Valentine's Day and you will likely get it heaved at your head. The texture is just weird to me. I have food texture issues. Remind me and I'll tell you about them sometime.
Still, the concept of them in soap form was not inherently offensive to me. I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did. The scent is straight-forward (cherries and chocolate)and definitely only something I'd want in a wash-off product, but it serves its purpose well. It's fluffy, airy, and whipped-creamy, and foams up very well with a bath poufy thing.

Violet Truffle
Dark Chocolate, Violet, Violet Leaf & Vanilla Absolute

So often chocolate scented products smell artificial and simplistic, but this one shakes things up by combining it with a floral note. Violet Truffle, you rebel! I got this as both a perfume sample and a body ganache. It is soft and delicious in the ganache because the cream already has a cocoa butter scent to it. The perfume is more nuanced. At first I smell something powdery and chocolaty, almost like a brownie or cake mix. Sniffing closer to the skin I can detect a wet, earthy scent. It doesn't scream "Violets!", nor does it really scream "Chocolate!" after it's been on my skin for a while. It's decidedly delicious and sweet and vaguely foodie, but neither note really dominates. They meld surprisingly well together, and it just smells interesting, unusual, and good.

Cherry Vanilla Amberosia
Sweet Cherries, Rich Vanilla, Amber & Mandarin Orange Slices

I ordered this scent precisely because it was one of the scents in the whole SS line that I would normally NEVER gravitate towards or expect myself to like. A bit of an experiment, if you will. I wanted to see how much I could actually hate a scent. And curses, I did not hate it. Cherry in this scent, while fruity, manages to not be cloying or cough-syrupy, thanks to the warmer amber notes. I would describe this scent as "sparkling". It has a bit of effervescence to it, almost like you could drink it. But you probably shouldn't.

Vanilla, White Chocolate, Tuberose & Tiare Flowers
Heh. Heh. I can hear it now:

"That smells good. What are you wearing?"
"Um, aren't those jeans? What are you wearing?"
"I told you, Nightgown."

This is a damn pretty scent. Because our brains are wired to seek out similarities between new things and things we already are familiar with, I instantly labeled this scent as a mixture of SS's Snowshoe Pass and Haus of Gloi's Odette (my current favorite from them.) So, it is a perfect transitional scent, from winter to spring. There is the cool vanilla accord (thankfully, it does not smell like actual white chocolate, which is a horrible confectionery abomination, in my book), and then the springy floral note from tuberose, which I apparently like in my scents. Not sure what Tiare flowers smell like, but it all ends up smelling delicate, silky and beautiful, just like a...say it with me now...yeah, you got it.

Black Forest
Agarwood, Nagarmotha EO, Tobacco Absolute, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse, Cocoa Absolute, Maraschino Cherries, Black Cherries, Hay Absolute, Sandalwood EO, Whipped Cream & a drop of Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil

Upon smelling this, my immediate reaction was "damnit, damnit, damnit." Why? Because I knew I should have just gotten the full size smell unsmelled, I just knew in my heart of hearts I would love it. And indeed, I did. Did you read that ingredient list? I mean, really. Even being a non-cherry lover as I am, I knew with all the accompanying elements it would be brilliant. At first I smell Outpost from the Christmas release, combined with chocolate. It doesn't make much sense because they have no notes in common that I can see, but there it is. I have seen it compared to Manor and Jack and the Devil, and I can see that too. It is like Jack and the Devil in that it is a very dark foodie scent, and I have found I really like those, especially when combined with wood and tobacco notes. I just smell Outpost and chocolate first. But then, then, it morphs into this dry, woodsy, dusty, fruity,  chocolaty, creamy, dark and mysterious scent. Again, it's masterfully blended, no one element dominates. It's woodsy, yet edible, so the dual concept of this scent is totally achieved. It is only available as a perfume right now due to the cost of ingredients, but I would LOVE it in a glace, or ganache, or soap. I want to be totally immersed in this scent. Please, Angela, please?????

That's all for today. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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  1. Yay! I'm loving my Cherry Cordial whipped soap! I want to eat it every time I'm in the shower! Lucky you for getting some Nightgown! It went out of stock really fast. Isn't Black Forest awesome?! I'm loving the sample I have :)

  2. Ooh! Loving the Violet Truffle! Second review of that I'm reading today and I want! I have a sample of Cherry Vanilla Ambrosia and love it! Definitely going to try Black Forest, yum!
    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  3. @The Peach: Nightgown is SO pretty, I'm sure Angela will bring it back, and my fingers are crossed she will make Black Forest in some other format. Definitely getting a full size of the perfume though.

    @Su: Violet Truffle is a great scent for foodies who don't like florals and floral lovers who don't do foodie fragrances. A perfect mixture of both! Black Forest....getitgetitgetit!

  4. I'm the same way about choc covered cherries (gag) and food textures. It's all about texture for me. Yet, I was intrigued by the cherry cordial whipped soap, hence looked up reviews and landed here. Looking forward to the spring restock tonight!


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