Birchbox-March 2012

Birchbox time again! Going to keep it short and sweet this month as I haven't tried everything yet. It was a pretty well-stocked box with some good variety, not the exact one I would have preferred, but not bad as a whole.

Here's what I got:

Another nail polish. I do like the seafoamy color. The Birchbox gods are trying to tell me something...stop biting your nails you crazy girl! The One Love Waterless Beauty Balm is way too greasy for cleansing or moisturizing for me, so I've been using it at night as a cuticle cream, and it works fine for that purpose. Smells a little like satsuma, quite pleasant. The Supergoop wipes are handy, I will use those this summer. The hair powder smells great (lavender-y) but I think I'd prefer it in a more convenient spray version. I'm not a tea person, but it was nice they included three different flavors, I may actually try them or give them to G. The Harvey Prince Ageless was my least favorite thing. It's a pink grapefruit-y scent. Oh, bad. So bad. It's a pink nightmare. It's the very incarnation of citrus scents gone terribly wrong.

Still, not a bad box. Coming up on my one year anniversary of doing Birchbox, and I'm going to stick with it. There have been some duds, but I've also tried quite a few products I've really liked, and with the Birchbox points I've accrued this year, I'll be able to get them for free soon! Definitely a great deal!

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  1. Love the color of the polish! I would have to agree, hair powder in spray for is definitely more convenient! Glad to know you are gonna stick with the birch box! I've pondered doing it, just haven't seen anything so exciting that it draws me in yet.

  2. I've been curious about dry shampoo/hair powder. It sounds good to use on post-salon days. I think it'd be less intimidating for me in a spray version.

  3. @Peach: I think it is just the thrill of anticipation that draws me in. I know I will usually like most products enough to use them up, not necessarily to reorder, but once in a while something awesome comes up. The BB points system really helps the boxes pay for themselves too.

    @Iris: I have really fine hair so honestly no dry shampoo is going to make my hair look freshly washed on the second day, so I don't even try. But for me they CAN help if I'm going out at night after work and feel a little grimy. I like Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo spray. Some might think the smell is a little strong/citrusy, but I don't mind it.


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