Good Day for Some Fyrinnae (and 1 Vix Nixed)


It has been several months since I've purchased from Fyrinnae so I decided to remedy that recently. I've been on a more neutral kick lately so I decided to focus on those.

Here's what I got:

Top Left to Right: Lucky Charmed (free sample), Knickers in a Twist, Aztec Gold, Book of the Dead
Middle L-R: Herbivore, Envy Me, Orangutan, Kurisumasu!
Bottom: Enchant Blush
And some swatches, swatched over Pixie Epoxy, first with no flash, then with flash:

Herbivore, Envy Me, Knickers in a Twist, Book of the Dead

Orangutan, Kurisumasu! , Aztec Gold, Lucky Charmed

My favorites so far are Orangutan, Book of the Dead, Kurisumasu! and Lucky Charmed, which I already have 2 samples of, but I can never have enough. It is one of my all-time favorites. Enchant looks shockingly Day-Glo peachy pink, but actually rubs down to a pretty flattering color. You just need the tiniest speck for a nice glow.

I was bored a few days ago and decided to test out the Eye Rock eyeliner stickers that I got in my Birchbox last month. As stated in the title, Liber Vix has nixed them, for several reasons:
1. Too dramatic for daily use. I wore the most basic style and it still felt over the top. They might be fun for a costume or to wear for a very brief time period, or with a darker eye look so the liner blends in more seamlessly, but totally not for everyday.
2. Stickers are too tricky to stick on and keep stuck, defeating the ease-of-use purpose. They started peeling up from the ends almost immediately and looked pretty lame.
3. The black color of the liner is not dark enough to pass as real liner. It looks like grey/black ink printed on paper, which is what it is, but I wouldn't want others to know that.
4. It felt weird and my eyes started watering soon after applying. I was able to keep them on for about twenty minutes and then I had to take them off.

One plus: They did remove easily and in one piece, and did not disturb the rest of my makeup or leave any residue. This of course may be due to only having worn them for a few minutes.

So, for me the cons definitely outweigh the pros. I would rather take my chances with regular liner than use these. At least I can wear waterproof liner, I'm not sure what would happen if these got cried or rained on.

Following are some pictures of them on. I figured since I looked pretty ridiculous anyway, I may as well go all out and wear the most out-there color I received from my recent Morgana Cryptoria order, Witches Brew.

I'm sure there are people who could pull these off, I just don't think I'm one of them.

The eye shadows are Kurisumasu! and Knickers in a Twist.

After taking those silly things off I put on my Fire Sparks lip gloss from Morgana Cryptoria and felt much, much better.

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  1. I forgot you had received those in your birchbox! Good to know that aren't worth the money or time. They sound to be a good idea, but poor design and execution of the idea. Love the Fyrinnae :)

  2. What a pain those silly stickers didn't work. I love the Fyrinnae eyeshadows you got. Gorgeous colours! You'll be surprised how green Envy Me is if you wear it over something like Pixie Epoxy.

  3. IMO the eye stickers look cute but the same effect may be able to be achieved with eyeliner or powder and a good brush. What a hassle to use and yikes at the eye irritation. Thanks for reviewing them for us. I'll steer clear.


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