Morgana Cryptoria Glosses and Gel Lipsticks

Today I'm going to share my thoughts on my recent order from Morgana Cryptoria. (You know, in my English classes a million years ago the teachers told us to never start an article or report by telling the reader what you are going to discuss. Well, you could say I'm a rebel, but really some days I just can't be arsed to write some witty intro.) Anyway, this was just my second order, and I must say I liked it more than my first order. That order had just consisted of several lip balms (which have since been discontinued), and while I really liked the colors I got, they were a bit too dry and tricky for me to apply well. I thought I would have better luck with the newer lip glosses and gel lipsticks, and I finally got around to placing an order on January 22. I received it on February 13th, well within the stated TAT, which at the time of my order was 15-20 business days. It's a little longer than I'm used to waiting for indie orders, but this order proved to me that the wait was well worth it!

Here's what I got:
Lip glosses in Copper Pipe Dream
Fire Sparks
Witches Brew
and Gel Lipsticks in Persephone
Coraline's Doppelganger
Everything was packaged in a cute little bag, which was a nice touch. No samples, but this was the same case with my first order so I wasn't expecting any. No biggie.

I ordered my lip glosses in pots primarily because they were each seven dollars cheaper than a standard tube, but upon receiving them I realized they have disaster written all over them for me. They are filled to the brim, and while quite viscous, could wreck unholy havoc on the inside of a purse if a lid happened to get loosened. This is not going to be a concern any longer though, as the pots are also being discontinued. What I really like about them is that you get to choose your own flavor/scent. I chose rose for Witches Brew, raspberry lemonade for Fire Sparks, and coffee for Copper Pipe Dream. Only Copper Pipe Dream arrived without any discernible taste, perhaps Melissa ran out of that particular flavor. Either way, the others tasted/smelled nice, and the Copper Pipe Dream did not taste bad sans extra flavor.

Here's what they look like:

Copper Pipe Dream

Witches Brew

Fire Sparks

And swatched:

Copper Pipe Dream and Fire Sparks are both really wearable. They can be layered heavily for a metallic sheen, or more lightly (Fire Sparks has lots of pink sparkles). Witches Brew is a little too dark royal purple for everyday use for me, but I just had to get one unusual shade! 

I was still faced with the issue of what to do with the pots, so I found a wholesale seller of beauty product containers, tubes, etc., on Ebay, and was able to buy 5 10 ml tubes for $7.50 including shipping.

In order to transfer the glosses more easily from the pots to the tubes, I first warmed up the gloss in a small amount of simmering water, shallow enough that the water could not seep into the pot. If you want to attempt this project yourself, do not try to save time by heating up the pot in the microwave even for a second. The bottoms of the pots have labels with a kind of metallic finish. I absolutely do not know this from personal experience.

Moving on...

After the glosses were warmed to a more runny consistency I used a funnel that I already had (which just happened to fit perfectly in the tubes) and just patiently waited for the gloss to drip down. The Copper Pipe Dream for some reason was more liquidy than the others, so it transferred easily and more neatly as you can see in the picture:

There doesn't seem to be much product once they were transferred, but the glosses are really concentrated and pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

I am really in love with the gel lipsticks. There are just a few little quirks. First, the labels were already peeling off when I got them, but I just wrapped some tape around them and they were fine. Two, the taste is not so great. I wish they had a flavor option, because they do have a sort of waxy lipstick smell. Not awful, but not the greatest. Three, the trick with these is not to apply too much. They really only need a single swipe or two for good coverage, and using too much only causes the product to build up and look flaky in a way and to migrate if you purse your lips.

A great thing about these is that they last. I've been able to apply once and get through a two hour shift on the circulation desk without reapplying. My lips get really dry so usually I'm running back to use lip balm a few times during that period, but these don't dry my lips out and the pigment stays true. A definite plus for me!

Persephone is a gorgeous nude peachy pink, but applying too much makes it look really frosty. Coraline's Doppelganger is officially my red lipstick. It's not even that intensely red, but the shade is just so, me. It's one of the few reds I've tried that doesn't feel overpowering or like I'm playing dress up and smeared mommy's lipstick all over me. It has an almost metallic sheen to it, which makes it right up my alley. I got a compliment on it at Sephora recently, and I don't think I've ever gotten a lipstick compliment before. So, there you go. A couple days after receiving this order I made another small order, which I'm waiting on now.

Left: Persephone; Right: Coraline's Doppelganger

Finally, the colors on: I alternated between using flash and suppressing it for these and just tried to pick the shots that reflected the colors best. Still, these were so hard to capture properly!

Persephone (it's actually a bit lighter than this, and can look quite frosty)

Coraline's Doppelganger

Witches Brew

Fire Sparks

Copper Pipe Dream

Have you tried any of the lip glosses or gel lipsticks from Morgana Cryptoria? What did you think?

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  1. Fire Sparks looks so awesome! I have Persephone and love it! I couldn't agree with you more about about the gel lipsticks. Yes my labels are coming off and yes you only need a little bit! But I guess I didn't notice any flavor/taste to them at all. And look at you go putting the gloss into tubes! The posts definitely aren't all that great, but since I didn't want to order a full tube, I ordered a pot just to be able to check out the gloss.

  2. Look how pigmented those glosses are! I may need a couple of these.

  3. @Makeup Zombie: Thanks so much!
    @Peach: You know, the taste of the gel lipsticks has sort of faded a bit since I've been using them more. Maybe my nose is too sensitive with all the perfumes I test! And I'm really glad she decided to replace the pots with smaller tubes. It's just more practical :) And Fire Sparks is definitely my favorite, it is SO sparkly.
    @Olgie: They are REALLY pigmented, I highly recommened trying them!


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